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Screw you Cowherd!!

this is a discussion within the Saints Community Forum; He'd rather hang in San Fran, he has more in common with the men there....

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He'd rather hang in San Fran, he has more in common with the men there.
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Hey Cowturd

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i guess he was to scared to see Jordan play in Chicago.

remember this gang he is a mouth piece for espn thus a pariot of the nfl.

trust me if the vilma suit was never filed this would not be said.

The media heat is getting turned up on new orleans to put the saints and the players in their place.

it will get worse.

IMO the nfl is pushing this in my book and espn is their flunkies.
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This is the same guy that less than a year after katrina and in the heat of the Brees free agency signing said, and I quote, "New Orleans should not be a city, let alone have a football franchise." He is so moronic that he fits the ESPN mold. Why anyone would care what this idiot has to say is beyond me. I stopped listening to him in 2006 after he made that comment. He also said Brees would never go to NOLA, that a city below sealevel should never be a major city. I will say one thing, to finish out this post.........I have lived and visited many top cities i.e. Vegas, S.F., NYC, DC, Charlotte, etc. NOLA is by far the greatest city in the U.S.
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How many fires or property damage was done after we won the Superbowl?
None! Can't say that about other cities though can you cowpie!
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I wouldn't truck the Coward but that Blonde hair co host is another story. He's one of those people when his exposure dies down he does something stupid to get noticed again. The Brittany Spears of talk radio.
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its dangerous for him now.

Is this real? Did somebody really say something THAT ignorant?

come visit Houston, and I'll show you some underbelly that makes 9th ward
look like the Garden District.

What an idiot.
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Originally Posted by mutineer10 View Post
Aww ... screw them hippies, man
Hey! I live in Idaho. No hippies. But there is a ****load of gun toting rednecks!
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His continued ability to keep a radio show speaks volumes of the talent level at that urinal of a sports network.

And Colon Cowturd is the bottom of the totem pole there - nuff said...

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Colin Cowherd Shows His Ignorance in Criticizing New Orleans: Fan's Perspective

By Patrick Michael | Yahoo! Contributor Network – Tue, May 22, 2012 7:41 PM EDT

Ever since news of the New Orleans Saints bounty scandal broke, it has become fashionable for the media to disrespect the Big Easy. The NFL recently announced that if the Pro Bowl takes place next January, its location is likely to be New Orleans. This innocuous piece of news induced Colin Cowherd to go on a rant about New Orleans.

...I wish New Orleans could sue Colin Cowherd for defamation of character. We'd have a better case than Jonathan Vilma.

Colin Cowherd Shows His Ignorance in Criticizing New Orleans: Fan's Perspective - Yahoo! Sports

That whenever any Form of Government becomes destructive of these ends, it is the Right of the People to alter or to abolish it, and to institute new Government, ...
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