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hagan714 05-28-2012 07:33 AM

Over the past few months many readers have asked me to break down the defensive penalties for the New Orleans Saints over the last three seasons to see if the allegations made on the team and the actual play out on the field had a connection.
When you break down the key defensive penalties where there may have been talk in the lockerroom and football rhetoric about big hits and knockout shots the play on the field didn’t reflect it. The breakdown below, which was greatly aided by the talents of skilled stats man Joe Liss, who has been a major help in the television booth for many local college games, shows there is no connection.

Roughing the Passer
2011 2010 2009

1. New Orleans Saints- 7 1. Pittsburgh Steelers- 6 1. Baltimore Ravens-5

2. Miami Dolphins- 6 2. Cincinnati Bengals-5 2. Cleveland Browns-5

3. Houston Texans-6 3. San Francisco 49ers-5 3. Tennessee Titans-5

4. Arizona Cardinals- 5 4. Detroit Lions-5 4. Carolina Panthers-4

5. Atlanta Falcons-5 5. Cleveland Browns-4 5. Detroit Lions-4

6. Detroit Lions-5 6. Tennessee Titans-4 6. Minnesota Vikings-4

7. Oakland Raiders-5 7. Dallas Cowboys-4 7. Houston Texans-3

8. Kansas City Chiefs-4 8. Jacksonville Jaguars-3

9. Minnesota Vikings-4 9. New EnglandPatriots-3

10. New York Giants-4 10. WashingtonRedskins-3

11. Philadelphia Eagles-4 11. Philadelphia Eagles-3

25. New Orleans Saints-1 [12. New Orleans Saints-2

Personal Fouls

2011 2010 2009

1. Miami Dolphins-5 1. Chicago Bears-3 1. Atlanta Falcons-6

2. Houston Texans-4 2. Jacksonville Jaguars-3 2. New Orleans Saints-6

3. Cincinnati Bengals-3 3. New York Giants-3 3. New York Giants-4

4. Detroit Lions-3 4. New York Jets-3

5. Jacksonville Jaguars-3 5. Tennessee Titans-3

6. Oakland Raiders-3 6. Cleveland Browns-2

7. Pittsburgh Steelers-3 7. Detroit Lions-2

8. Tennessee Titans-3 8. Houston Texans-2

9. New Orleans Saints-2 9. Miami Dolphins-2

10. New England Patriots-2

11. St. Louis Rams-2

12. New Orleans Saints-1

Unnecessary Roughness

2011 2010 2009

1. San Francisco 49ers-10 1. Denver Broncos-11 1. Houston Texans-13

2. Denver Broncos-9 2. Arizona Cardinals-9 2. Philadelphia Eagles-10

3. Oakland Raiders-9 3. Atlanta Falcons-9 3. Buffalo Bills-9

4. Seattle Seahawks-9 4. San Francisco 49ers-8 4. Chicago Bears- 7

5. Tennessee Titans -9 5. Tennessee Titans-8 5. Minnesota Vikings-7

6. Washington Redskins-9 6. Cleveland Browns-7 6. New York Jets-7 7. New York Giants-9 7. New Orleans Saints-7 7. St. Louis Rams-7

8. Atlanta Falcons-8 8. New York Giants-6

9. New Orleans Saints-7 21. New Orleans Saints-3

This from an article:

Boyd garnering attention
Mike Detillier
Sports Correspondent

Boyd garnering attention |

Finally some one put it writing and it goes to show how the media ignores the facts. it still enough to make you wonder what the heck the NFL has as actual proof in the way of hits to back up there case. Say whatever you want in the locker room but it is the plays on the field that count.

the stats seem a low in my book but it still gives a feel for where the saints stand in the pecking order of fouls

Seer1 05-28-2012 12:20 PM

In these past couple of years, you'd have thought the defense was giving Williams "bounty" $$$ to let them stay on the field as badly as they played in some of the games.....

Rugby Saint II 05-28-2012 01:01 PM

Maybe they misunderstood and it's booty money?lol

saintfan 05-28-2012 01:10 PM

The Media Sucks. The whole thing was built by the NFL and supplemented by the biased media coverage interested in preserving their 'cozy' relationship with the league.

I am still a very angry young man. I'm anxious to hear the latest legal development...and I hope Roger goes to hell.

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