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CharityMike 06-02-2012 01:53 PM

Ledger-gate? Ok. Letís look at the Carolina game.
As you probably already know, Jason Cole is reporting that the league has a copy of a ledger in which the Saints defense recorded their bounty payouts game-by-game. Pretty amazing evidence if it does exist. An unnamed source has it. We canít see it. And names havenít been released, although some games have been identified by sources who arenít sure exactly what game weíre referring to here, anyway.

It just keeps getting more ridiculous, doesnít it?

The Who Dat Social Club has broken down the recorded injuries to offensive players in 2009, the year the ledger was supposed to have been maintained. Not exactly convincing evidence there, folks.

Notably, sources known only to Jason Cole initially told him that three 1,000-dollar payouts were recorded for the Bills game that year. Stories changed quickly as Florio debunked that idea Ė showing that of the four Bills players who left the game, three were defensive.

The story changed: now weíre told that the Panthers game in October was the big three-payout event. Problem? Only one player was injured, a linebacker.

But, not to worry, the Angry Who Dat has nothing better to do with his Saturday morning than dig out a copy of the Panthers game (I still have the 2009 season on DVD) and see what transpired.

I looked for anything, whether injury or not, that could be seen as a payable occurrence. Iíll be honest; part of me expected to see three brutal headshots during the course of the game that would bring the whole conspiracy theory to its knees. Alas, that didnít happen. Disclaimer: I fast-forwarded through most offensive series, so if Drew Brees was out there throwing himself at the heads of linebackers, I would have missed it. I paid attention to special teams and defensive plays.

Notably, Scott Fujita was inactive that day.

Late in the first quarter, Chris Gamble (CB #20) stumbles off the field after being shaken up. Yes, heís a defensive player, but itís significant because he leaves the game.

2nd quarter, 12:00 remaining

Boy, is this a tough first half to watch. The Saints looked bad. Here was the first break: a fumble by the Panthers, recovered by Tracy Porter. Payout? Maybe so.

Saints are already threatening. Guess whoís back? Chris Gamble. Absolutely used Marques Colston on the route, picked off Drew Brees, and returned it down the sideline for about 20 yards or so. This, obviously, negates the significance of the only injury so far.

2nd quarter, 10:10 remaining

Darren Sharper pursues Steve Smith out of bounds, dives at his knees while clearly out of bounds, and draws a 15-yard personal foul. Smith isnít hurt Ė he pops right up, gets in several Saintsí faces, and nearly draws his own penalty. It was clearly a bad hit Ė but accomplished nothing except a loss of 15 yards of field position.

2nd quarter, 6:02 remaining

Sharper again. He puts a wicked (clean) hit on DeAngelo Williams, shaking him up and sending him out of the game temporarily. Williams would return. Greer had his legs, and was going to bring him down. Sharper lowered his shoulder, and planted a clean hit on Williamsís chest. Pretty nice lick.

3rd quarter, 13:08 remaining

Casillas pounds a kick returner along the sideline. A good, clean hit. It appeared that the returner was a little shaken up, but no ďcart-offĒ

3rd quarter, 3:30 remaining

Shanle decleats Steve Smith on a potential touchdown (a third down at that), and the ball falls incomplete. Another entirely clean hit, and Smith trots off the field. Itís a key play Ė momentum is swinging here Ė and I could imagine this being a rewardable play.

4th quarter, 3:34 remaining

LB Thomas Davis is shown on the sidelines being carted off. I could not find the play in which he was injured. It does not appear to have happened on the kickoff prior (a touchback) or on the Saintsí extra point. It must have been while the Saints offense was on the field the previous drive. (UPDATE: Thanks to @ReidG75, I found it. The guy was backpedaling with nobody around, and stumbled, then just fell. Weird, freaky injury.)

4th quarter, 2:44 remaining

4th down at midfield for the Panthers, resulting in a sack/fumble of Jake Delhomme by Will Smith. The Panthers recover, resulting in a turnover on downs.

4th quarter, 2:00 remaining

The Saints have taken over and are trying to put the game away. The Panthers are on their own goal line after a Saints punt, and D. Williams fumbles into the endzone. Itís recovered by Anthony Hargrove for a touchdown.

Thatís it. IF the ledger is real, and IF it details 3 1,000-dollar payouts in the Carolina game, itís clear that they werenít for cart-offs or knockouts or whatever else you want to call them. There were ďpayableĒ big plays, but nothing as sinister as the league would have you believe. Again, we find ourselves having to stress the distinction between pay-for-performance bonuses, which are illegal, and pay-for-injury bounties, which are reprehensible if real.

Maybe weíll eventually get to see the ledger for ourselves. Donít hold your breath.

Ľ Ledger-gate? Ok. Let

JimmyB1775 06-02-2012 02:09 PM

Thanks for your effort and dedication on this one. It's clear to me that if Drew and Fujita were working with Pamphilon on a release date, not to mention the notion that Fujita knows everything, but doesn't want to say it yet.... theres much more to come. The NFL really is reaching for evidence here though.

ScottF 06-02-2012 03:07 PM

What could Cole possibly be waiting for? He already cited the wrong game, and everyone already considers him a hack internet writer.
He's sitting on the Watergate tapes and won't come forward? And who is the asst coach he is 'protecting'?
Unless he is holding out to get paid by someone other than Yahoo he has no reason not to release this.
Add him to the defamation suit or sue his ass for libel

alleycat_126 06-02-2012 03:46 PM

Funny part about this is as Saint's fans know we have to find that distinction. As I told one of the members of an NFC #%^$ Talk group im in, the penalty for cocaine as a first time offender may be 9 months to a year, the penalty for crack as a first time offender is ten years..... There is a difference as we are painfully finding out.

Rugby Saint II 06-02-2012 06:19 PM

Just close the gate for crying out loud!

vpheughan 06-02-2012 07:45 PM

As Joe Friday says: "Just the facts" thank you!

QBREES9 06-02-2012 07:49 PM


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