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JimmyB1775 06-04-2012 03:16 PM

We need some more saving grace
Remember not too long ago, Fujita said something that implied he knew more, but "now" wasn't the time to tell it?

Vilma is calling out Goodell regularly now and getting nothing in return. Eventually, the evidence will be reviewed and Vilma will get a look. Every other day, it looks like the walls are closing in on the NFL and the day after it seems to open right back up.

What gives???

Players were expressing concern recently that the Saints were being railroaded. But that got hushed. WTF!!! Every other story leaked gets 5 working days of coverage and things like what players have to say get stuck in a drawer????

Goodell needs to resign, apologize for the mistake and express that despite acting too soon, he really was acting in the interest of player safety. He'll get much more respect and might even get a job somewhere else afterwards. If he goes down with the ship, he's screwed. Its pretty clear that he's a patsy using Saints players and coaches as proxy patsy's. Eventually, it will play out. There is much more to this. And a book on this scandal is worth more than $10mil. Period.

Rugby Saint II 06-05-2012 11:35 AM

This is becoming a public nightmare for old Rog'.:p

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