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Danno 04-28-2004 11:07 AM

Jaworski on Saints draft
I stole this recap from another forum. Sorry if thats taboo...
On Courtney Watson--
--they had Courtney Watson ranked as #2 ILB behind Jonathan Vilma and the #1 OLB.
-They will start him out in the middle and give him a chance to START this year.
-He will battle Cie Grant. The loser will go to WLB. So, I think you can expect those two to start this year.
-Also, it was good to hear Jaws add that Watson was actually the #1 ranked MLB on most boards and according to most experts.
-Haslett said that he and Vilma are carbon copies of one another. Same measurables, both have great instincts, similar speed and ability. It is just that one player went to Notre Dame, one went to Miami. One guy had less around him than the other guy which means he gets elevated more.
--Pointed out that Watson returned four interceptions/fumbles for touchdowns.

Jaws added that he loved the pick because Watson brings speed and a nose for the football. A guy you can plug right in there. He has that pedigree coming from a disciplined system with Tyrone Willingham. Jaws also pointed out how guys get low rated because of where they played.

On Will Smith--
-Had him ranked 10th overall and did not feel like he would be there.
-Guy can do a lot of things for you. Can play both ends of the defensive line. Can also play LB in certain situations.
-Here's something interesting--said that Will Smith, with his speed and pass rushing ability can be a guy you use to spy the QB. Said he did some of that at OSU.
--Pointed out that Smith timed faster than Chris Gamble at the workout.
--Said in this league you can never have enough ends.

Jaws added that he loves the pick. Said that Will Smith will have a big impact by not having to be forced into it. Because you already have great ends in Howard and Grant. So he can ease into the rotation and all three guys will stay healthy and fresh and be able to dominate and get after the QB.

On Devery Henderson--
-Talked about his production. How he does a lot with a little.
-Has raw combination of speed, size and playmaking ability. (Let me add that McCarthy has the ability to separate and beat the bump and run).
-Said that he needs to become more consistent catching the football but he showed that improvement and the willingness to work hard.
--Believes he can get in there and play alot this year.

On Mike Karney--
-Wanted a fullback. Front Office did a good job of getting one.
-Karney can catch, but his main duty will be to block. Joked that they do not have enough balls to go around so he has told Karney to come in with the mindset to just block. And Karney is ready.

Overall, Haslett said that he likes all their picks and believe all can make team team even down to Colby Bockwoldt who they feel can get on the field, especially on special teams and use his speed.

He said they got guys with speed, but they wanted to get guys with character and smarts. He particularly talked about this with Courtney Watson. He said Watson is a smart player and that was important for them to get a player like that.

***I think that it is critical for those who think the Saints should have taken Dontarrius Thomas over Watson. I am not suggesting that Thomas is dumb or not a smart player. But Watson is a guy who brings a lot of intelligence and instincts to the position, moreso than Thomas and every LB in this draft except Vilma who he is equal to or slightly behind. So, that further explains that pick***

Also, Haslett was very candid. Loves their draft. And even pointed out that the only thing that we did not add in the draft that we would have liked to was a cornerback. Was honest about saying that there were only two guys that could have came in and started. Sometimes that's how it goes, but kind of alluded to the fact that you can still add a guy down the road to help at cornerback.

Jaws added to that point that DEs are a premium in this league and when you have three outstanding ones, you can have a dominating defense.

Overall, good interview. Again, they sat down with McCarthy and Venturi is on now. Said much of the same. Venturi is talking about how they love Watson and he like his ability to go sideline to sideline, his range and speed and intelligence and athleticism. He said he is a little like DJ Williams in that he is a former RB and that shows in that he has returned 2 interceptions. He said he is very good at both diagnosing plays and making plays on the ball. He said he is as equally effective against the run as he is against the pass and you have to like that. He said that Watson is not a thug type middle linebacker in that he is not a overly big kid, but he makes up for it big time with his speed, intelligence and instincts and athleticism.

Danno 04-28-2004 12:32 PM

Jaworski on Saints draft
Where are the Stormy Weather Moon Beams?
Too much positive analysis by a highly respected analyst?
Thought process too stunned?
I’m sure there are some Jaws haters out there, hammer away.
Oh by the way “8-8 dude, no CB, we suck� isn’t considered thoughtful analysis.
Come on, put your heads together, I’m sure the lack of drafting a CB can loosely justify giving this draft an F if worded carefully.
How’s it feel to be in that highly respected company of USA Today?

Boccal 04-28-2004 01:24 PM

Jaworski on Saints draft
Danno I understood about half of what you posted...The saints draft was fine if they use the players the way they should....Now Im not changing my statment that they should have got help at CB but after I have read all the facts that I could find. I like Watson they should just put Him out there and let him play. As for the FB he will see alot of action this year I think..... and I believe that now we have our future at FB. And with Willie if they use him in a rotation with Grant and Howard (kind of like Carolina did) I think that will insure constant pressure on the QB\'s in the league. But thats just my opinion.....Thank you and good night

ami2kind4words 04-28-2004 02:00 PM

Jaworski on Saints draft
Let me start off by talking bout last year not addressing a need for a cornerback. We passed on Marcus Trufant, I can somewhat understand, but passing on Rasheen Mathis for Stinchcomb was just simply stupid

Do Loomis have some prejudice of drafting a corner? This year when it is clear we need a corner it was not addressed in the draft. This is his 2nd draft as GM and not once have he drafted a corner. People might say all the corners that could\'ve been chosen was taken ahead of the saint picks, but I have notice one opportunity. That make me wonder bout other opportunities. The saint instead of using their 18th pick they could have trade down w/ Miami and still drafted Kenechi or Will & received at least another 3rd or 4th rd pick which they could of used to bargain up to pick up Joey Thomas.

Overall I give this draft a C+ with the possibility to be B+ pend on next year 2nd rd pick.

WhoDat 04-28-2004 05:31 PM

Jaworski on Saints draft

Where are the Stormy Weather Moon Beams?
Too much positive analysis by a highly respected analyst?
Thought process too stunned?
It is telling Danno, that even your initial reaction to this year\'s draft was anger and outrage... however, give the Saints PR machine a few days to go to work and you\'re loving it again. I saw a lot of people ranking the Giants draft an F because they put so many eggs in one basket. I can understand that, but if Eli ends up playing like Peyton, five years from now everyone will think it was a fantastic and gutsy move. It\'s real easy to be up or down on any team when none of the players have taken the field.

I\'m glad to hear that Jaws likes Watson, but if I\'m supposed to be happy that two guys who basically have never play a down in the NFL are going to be starting at LB this year, than I think I better go get the WhoTang. It all depends on how you look at it my friend:

Grant - 3rd year, underachieved last season.
Sully - 2nd year, immature, overweight.
Young - undersized / Leisle - Rookie
Howard - Injury prone and unhappy with contract / Smith - Rookie

SLB - Allen? Hodge? Rodgers? Sounds like no good, no good, old.
MLB - Grant - has he been on an NFL field yet?
WLB - Watson? Grant? Smith? Rookie, 0 playing time, rookie.

CB - Thomas - 39.5 years old and too small
FS - Tsucky Jones... yeah, he\'ll make 16 highlight reals putting someone on the ground, and 64 being tossed to the ground.
SS - Mitchell - zero playing time and injured. / Bellamy - old, one good season that I\'m still not convinced will continue.
CB - Craft - ????????? We know nothing about this guy.

You\'re right, our defense is SOLID! Listen Danno, I don\'t necessarily believe all of what I just listed above. It\'s simply an exercise to keep people here realistic. The optimism is starting again. Before you know it I\'ll be hearing 12-4 or 13-3 again.

Danno 04-28-2004 05:35 PM

Jaworski on Saints draft

WhoDat 04-28-2004 05:46 PM

Jaworski on Saints draft
Got here late today Danno. I\'ll try to step it up next season. Don\'t worry that I\'m reporting to camp a little overweight, I\'ve still got great potential. ;) Hey, unlike AB, at least I\'m in the top 5!

joe87 04-28-2004 05:56 PM

Jaworski on Saints draft
Was this interview on ESPN? If so, will it replay?

biloxi-indian 04-28-2004 09:19 PM

Jaworski on Saints draft
Sure Haz is pleased and happy, it was his draft, good or bad. Any case, by all estimates a C grade.

rAge 04-28-2004 11:02 PM

Jaworski on Saints draft
If Charles Grant underachieved last season, and was still able to come away with 10 sacks, I can\'t wait to see him play up to his ability.

Which brings me to a point. Do I wish we had a top notch CB? Sure. But with the DE\'s we got, we can put more pressure on a QB than probably any other team in the league and when a QB is under that much pressure - your CB\'s will look better. A great pass rush can allow you to get by with average corners.

So we will have two guys who are basically rookies starting at LB, who gives a damn? Guys come in all the time for other teams with little-to-no experience and make an impact, why can\'t the same happen for us?

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