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SycoSurfer 11-25-2002 04:38 PM

I said it last week and Im saying it again this week...
Brooks is not the answer... do you remember when he was drafted? Why was it that he slipped so far down? He had all the tools everyone knew that, but he was stupid and couldnt read the D. He has been our QB for 2 and a half years now I think its safe to say its not rookie mistakes or he is still learning...How many ppl can throw a pass 40 yards off their back foot while falling down? Oh and to make it interesting lets make it into double coverage. Wow intercepted... who would have thought?

Ok lets overlook that. 45 secs to go we need 2 scores we have no timeouts. Lets run a 5 yard dump pass to the middle of the field?!? Ok now lets run it again... and AGAIN!

Alot of ppl must have misunderstood me when I said I think Brooks needs to run more. Im not asking him to run as much as Vick or McNabb, but he can tuck the ball and run ocassionally and slide. Farve, Manning, Gannon, Garcia they can all do it they dont get hurt too much do they? I dont expect Vick to play a long tyme cause he will get hurt, but If you pick up 10 yards and slide no one can hit you. 3-4 tymes a game is not too much to ask. Vick is already learning that. I just see a 10-15 yard hole and instead of picking up the 7-8 yards and sliding Brooks tries to force a pass. 5 yards is 5 yards every little bit helps. Look at Manning last night in the 2 minn drill he ran I believe 2 tymes. Just cause it could help his team win.

Brooks has great stats this year, but I do not think he has played great all season. 84.0 passer rating(17th)... right next to Jon Kitna HMMMM...We have the best Offense in the NFL no doubt about that, but we never seem to be able to put things away. I know alot of ppl are saying its our D, but alot of tymes out D has to play after TOs and stuff. I am not saying our D is great, but it isnt that bad. We have allowed 88 pts off of TO, returns, or scored by the other teams D. Thats 8 points a game we have only lost 1 game by more than 8. Our D might not be great but it keeps us in the games.

How many teams have a ProBowl RB(Deuce), ProBowl WR(Horn), ProBowl OL 1 maybe 2(Turley, Bentley)? Not to mention we have Pathon(Avg 2 WR), Stallworth(game breaker) and Lewis(gamebreaker) as 2-4. Deuce great receiveing RB. Sloan is a disappointment, but Boo Williams is a great catching TE. Yet Brooks is still one of the lowest rated passers in the league.

How many #3 and 4 corners have the speed that Stallworth and Lewis have??? Why are we not letting them have more chances. Lewis has 7 catches and a 27+yard average. he is the best return man in the league. He has great speed and can make ppl miss. he is avg. 21+yards per touch. Im not gonna say give him the ball alot, because I know he fumbles and isnt a great receiver, but give him more chances.

I know alot of ppl think Brooks is great, but has he played one game in the last 2 years that looked like he did when he came on after Blake got hurt? He has altered his game. We got him more weapons and he is being less productive! Brooks is alot better QB than we are used to, but maybe its cause we have a better all around team. He has targets everywhere, and he isnt playing good. If he was playing good no one would be talking about it. We have never had many weapons for a QB. Now we do, and Brooks is making things happen, but not consistently. I think if he was solid and consistent we would be better off. I know most ppl will disagree and say that Brooks is an AllPro and Im crazy, but hey Im just calling it as I see it. He makes stupid calls, bad reads, plays without heart, and I think we would be better off with a QB that cared more and did whatever it takes to win.

SycoSurfer 11-25-2002 05:33 PM

I said it last week and Im saying it again this week...
I am not calling for Brooks head this year, but I do think that we need to really evaluate how much he means to this team in the offseason. I think we could bring in a QB draft or otherwise that could be a future starter. I just dont think that Brooks is not the answer. For 2 years he has proved that he can make great plays and can make terrible plays. I am just tired of waiting for him to get over the rookie mistakes and start learning. I mean what if we would have kept Marc Bulger??? Do you think we would have waited this long to bench Brooks or look at the future? Bulger hadnt started one game in his career and he comes in and is the highest rated passer in the league! Now the Rams are thinking about trading Warner. Chad Pennington never started a game till this year and he has stepped in and played way beyond expectations. Brees is 7 and 4 as a first year starter with No WRs! Tom Brady got Drew Bledsoe traded who would have thought that would happen? Why do we have to wait 2 and a half years for Brooks to come around? He is winning, but not playing well lets look for a someone else that might be better. Can you imagine what we could do with a solid QB that plays great week in and week out. Just an opinion...

whodatsaintsfan26 11-25-2002 06:14 PM

I said it last week and Im saying it again this week...
Well after the contract he just signed I dont think they will be looking anytime soon.

daviddrake2 11-25-2002 06:24 PM

I said it last week and Im saying it again this week...
Syco, I defended Brooks last week and I am at a loss this week for doing so.

I certainly believe he is extremely talented and I know he is capable of much better performances than he had yesterday. But I do have to agree with you on some points, especially Brooks\' lack of wise judgement when under pressure -- not just once, but multiple times in the Browns game. The guy just doesn\'t think!

Aaron Brooks should personally apologize (at least to his teammates, if not the fans) for his performance yesterday. Although he made some nice throws and had a decent scramble or two, I would have to say that Brooks was the primary reason the SAINTS lost a must win/shoulda won type of game yesterday.

I was beside myself yesterday when after two field goals, I said out loud that I did not want another after we got back in the red zone. I got my wish, no points at all because Aaron threw his first pick on the very next play. I should have known to be careful what I wished for...

Anyway, 4 Brooks turnovers, three of which were in the red zone and the other on the crucial last drive. That is pretty bad.

I know that Farve had a similar day, as do all good and even great QBs. But they don\'t have those types of days with the kind of regularity Brooks is having lately.

Brooks needs to realize that he has more offensive talent around him than any other QB in the league. He could and should be sitting in the catbird seat right now, tearing apart opponents\' defensives at will. But that can only happen if Aaron gets his head back in the game and starts playing up to the true level of his ability again. If he doesn\'t correct this soon, the SAINTS\' season is effectively over!

I truly hate to put up such a negative sounding post, but I was thoroughly disappointed with Brooks\' play yesterday and I hope everyone else was too. maybe he\'ll get the message and we\'ll see the old Aaron next week.

As always, this is just my opinion (still clouded by the frustation of yesterday\'s loss)...

Go SAINTS!!!!!

David in Houston (Franklin and New orleans this week)

Hitman 11-28-2002 09:43 AM

I said it last week and Im saying it again this week...
I would tend to agree. Also, Brooks is much more comfortable rolling OUT of the pocket. It is obvious that he is uncomfortable standing in the pocket......evidenced by his tendency to throw off of his back foot. Iin the pocket he often fails to step forward to throw the ball. This is not all his fault. This is a coaching mistake.
Aaron was most productive two seasons ago by rolling out and either throwing to an open receiver or running with the ball. Inside the pocket, he feels intense pressure, continues to back up (thus throwing off his back foot) and makes mistakes. Our masters at QB this season (Favre, McNabb, etc.) started out their careers as scramblers....which is the mode Brooks excels. It appears that he is being forced by the offensive coaching staff to stand in the pocket. That is not his natural tendency.....and the Saints are paying for this with unnecessary interceptions and fumbles.
With the arsenal of offensive weapons the Saints now Brooks more freedom to rollout or have a moving pocket would increase the effectiveness of the offense significantly and create multiple problems for opposing defenses. BROOKS IS MUCH MORE OF A THREAT WHEN HE IS A MOBILE QUARTERBACK......NOT TIED DOWN IN THE POCKET. If you are going to force the QB to stay in the pocket, Jake Delhomme is the quarterback that is needed. That is more suited to his style and ability. He feels more comfortable in the pocket and will make less mistakes.
As for the defense.......I agree they are a pretty good unit......few defenses can do any better when they are on the field as much as the Saints D. The Turnover ratio is always key to championship caliber football. I believe that the task lies with the offense to improve.....especiallly the offensive coaching for the Saints to make it into the playoffs and win.

billyh1026 11-30-2002 06:08 PM

I said it last week and Im saying it again this week...
Dude, saying our defense \"isn\'t that bad\" is just plain wrong. Like it or not, our defense bites. Oh and AB is not a pure pocket passer....wish they\'d figure that out...

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