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RockyMountainSaint 06-19-2012 01:09 PM

Hargrove's comment "evidence" but Cushings' not?
Monday’s events prompted league to go public with evidence

Though questions persist regarding the quality of the raw evidence (especially since the league still hasn’t shown anyone any of it), it makes much more sense to disclose items like the list of contributions made to the bounty pool before the 2009 NFC title game and the video in which former Saints defensive end Anthony Hargrove says “give me my money” after linebackers coach/assistant head coach Joe Vitt tells a group of players that Vikings quarterback Brett Favre may have a broken leg.

ok, apparently the video in question here shows Vitt talking about Favre while off camera "Hargrove" made his comment. The video highlighted this with an arrow pointing off screen labeled Hargrove.

Is this damning? The NFL thinks so.
Watch this video at the 1:28 mark where Cushing and a teammate say: "Get some sacks. Get some sacks, get stacks."

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