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pakowitz 04-30-2004 05:25 PM

A closer look at: Courtney Watson
By Chris Pika, April 30, 2004; 10:20 am

The Saints looked to shore up their linebacker corps as the 2004 NFL Draft entered the latter stages of the second round. As New Orleans went on the clock at #60, their sights were set on Notre Dame LB Courtney Watson.

Watson, a 6-1, 238-pounder, was a three-year starter for the Irish at inside linebacker. He was a finalist for the 2002 Butkus Award for the top collegiate linebacker and a semi-finalist for the same award in 2003.

"He's a good football player and very versatile," said Saints Director of Player Personnel Rick Mueller. "He played inside at Notre Dame. He's smart and a good character guy. I think he'll be able to play a couple of different spots. He's an instinctive player who finds the ball. When we watched film on him, he was always around the ball or he made the tackle 90 percent of the time."

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Danno 05-01-2004 04:55 PM

A closer look at: Courtney Watson
This guy is the next best thing to Vilma, Yet he gets hammered by the Moonshine club.
I think this guy may become a star. I\'m fired up for two reasons..
1. We now have a true MLB prospect from the college ranks that most percieve as a solid NFL MLB.
2. We can move Cie Grant to WLB. Which is what most every expert said was his best position on the next level. Don\'t believe the ignorant posts about him only being projected as a safety at the next level, it\'s agenda driven. One scout out of 10 said that, and our beloved resident agenda-rat haz-hater ran with it full speed.

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