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saintz08 11-26-2002 12:40 AM

Brooks - The question
Here is the question :

If Brooks gets benched , then when ??

One more game , two more games , do we write the season off as fans and say he should do better next year ?? Do we stand and cheer as Brooks sleeps through 3 quarters of the Tampa game and then realizes it time to get going and makes an attempt to lead and come back ?? How many more times do we read in a newspaper that the safeties knew he cannot read a defense and played Brooks the fool ?? How many back footed throws does it take to say enough is enough ??

6 weeks ago if someone had said Bulger , a 4th string qb from New Orleans could lead the Rams better than Warner , who would have said yes ?? Or Maddox in Pittsburgh ?? How many more smiling interceptions does it take , to simply say enough is enough ??

Where do we draw the line ????

pakowitz 11-26-2002 02:53 AM

Brooks - The question
we dont draw the line, and if we did, it wont be this year

SycoSurfer 11-26-2002 03:13 AM

Brooks - The question
I agree that we can\'t bench Brooks this year unless we are definantly getting rid of him. We cannot destroy his confidence. I do however think that he is auditioning to keep his job. The way he plays for the rest of the year might make or break his career with the Saints. He plays bad and shows no improvement then why we should we keep him. I know we have the cap to think about, but you cannot keep starting a QB that isnt producing. Brooks was doing a great job of winning at the begingin of the season, but lately his lack luster performances are getting less and less impressive and his last second drives aren\'t happening. We all know he has the talent lets just hope sumthing clicks and he learns to read the D cause till then we will suffer alot of disappointing performances and losses.

saintfan 11-26-2002 08:53 AM

Brooks - The question
Brett Farve Stank it up just as bad last Sunday, and I don\'t see anyone calling for his head. AB is our starting QB...PERIOD! :casstet:

pakowitz 11-26-2002 10:01 AM

Brooks - The question
thats b/c packer fans believe in their qb, and that he will perform better next game, but saints fans just want to point fingers at who is to blame for the loss

SycoSurfer 11-26-2002 11:22 AM

Brooks - The question
The reason no one is calling for Farve\'s head is cause he has won 2 SB and 3 MVPs. Brooks has not done anything in the last 2 years but show the potential and then fall on his face. Why is it that Vick isnt falling on his face and throwing 3 INTs Ds are getting a look at his tape and making adjustments. Why is it that no one cares that Peyton Manning has a bad game? Casue he is calling 90% of the plays himself and when he messes up he takes all the blame as does Farve. If Brooks looks at things and sees the D making an adjustment cause they know sumthing why not audible? Brooks is to confused by the movement to know what the hell is going on HE CANNOT READ THE D!!! This is not HS or PopWarner you need a QB that can make decisions at the line and Brooks cant. Then Brooks tells us we should be lucky we have a guy and team that has been so exciting to watch. Forget that I want a guy who can admit he messed up and appologize for stinking up the place when he plays bad. The truth is Brooks doesnt think he played bad. He thinks he played a good game cause he looks at his 300 yards and says man I had a good game wonder why we lost ohh look no running game. Hey Brooks the running game had a TD and no turnovers! Now what is his excuse?

SaintStoneyMount 11-26-2002 01:32 PM

Brooks - The question
First of all. Wassup all. I been traveling and working so i have not had a chance to post on the board lately. I am still not home but as always had to check the Saints site. I missed the game this week, but it looks like we are in trouble. I hope we are not seeing a repeat of last season\'s break down. Aaron Brooks is not playing well. That\'s all I can say. I hope he gets it together. We don\'t need to bence him. He is young and growing. He will ge better and be a star in the league. If not with the Saints than with some other team that will beat us because we gave up our QB. So let him ride out the season and experience his growing pains. We will be a better team in the long run.

pakowitz 11-26-2002 02:05 PM

Brooks - The question
gator might not bash you, but i sure will. yea brooks has played bad, every qb has a few bad games, no one is perfect, brooks\' ints on sunday happened b/c he was trying to make something happen and get our team back in the game, get off your high horse and come down to reality, brooks is a solid young qb with lots of talent and without him, we wouldnt be 7-4 and in the hunt for a playoff spot. rome wasnt built in a day, things take time, no one is perfect, your view is bias against brooks and it comes out only after they have a few bad games. when the saints play well again i dont want to hear anything from you about how brooks is a good qb and we should keep him. what else can u complain about? ur gonna tell me is that we should get rid of deuce b/c he hurt his ankle and is too injury prone or b/c he had a fumble 3 weeks ago? or maybe we should get rid of deuce b/c he isnt leading the league in rushin yards? while we are at it, lets just get rid of joe horn too, he talks to much. or maybe dante\', b/c he doenst have enough experience, no wait, Turley, he didnt throw the JETS helmet far enough, all u want to do is complain and put blame on one person. the whole team lost they all played like crap including brooks, but he isnt the only one on the team. you win as a team, and you lose as a team.

SycoSurfer 11-26-2002 02:08 PM

Brooks - The question
I undersand alot of ppl do not appreciate my only showing up recently and talking bad about Brooks, but if it makes any of you feel better I have been complaining about him all year. ASk everyone that knows me and ask all the ppl that sit around me at the games. I am not a person who thinks a player should go undefeated and win superbowls to prove himself. I just think you have to at least play good or decent in every game to be a solid starter. Does anyone want a RB that rushes for 250 yards and 5 TDs one week and then the next runs for 40 yards and fumbles twice? It is the same thing with the QB 300 yards and 3 TDs or 150 yards and 3 INTs... if he isnt playing good he isnt helping the team. You do not need a superstar you need consistency. I just feel that Brooks hasnt played good and helped the team out much this year. He hasnt played bad all year, but not good either. Im tired of ppl saying well he is young and he will learn or he will only get better. His first year with us he showed flashes of brillance and then what happend??? How does a player lose his fire in less than 2 years? Since then he has gotten more weapons, more exp, more money what more does he need to get back to the superstar we thought we had 2 years ago? He has 5 weeks to try and prove that this contract we gave him wasnt a mistake. I wish him luck, but Im not expecting much.

SycoSurfer 11-26-2002 02:26 PM

Brooks - The question
This is why I left this board a few years ago because of stupid ppl like pakowitz. A person is not allowed to have an opinion unless they agree with someone who comes here everyday. I am here cause I missed talking on this board and talking about the saints. Then I come back and start getting bashed cause Im not a regular and all I have is bad things to say. What has happend in the last 2 weeks that there is good to talk about? The reason I came back is cause I blew out my knee and have been at home with nothing to do for the last week and a half. I searched for a Saints site and found this one. Now I am back and posting. Not much good has happend int he last 2 weeks to talk about. So I can talk about everything on the season if it will make some of you ppl that dont think Im a fan believe me. Deuce is playing great, All our rookies are doing great we had a solid draft and I hope this continues next year where we will have 2 first rounders to work with. Im impressed with the improvment of The Beerman and I think it would be great to see him go to the probowl. He is a playmaker and he kinda reminds me of JJ McClesky a guy kinda undersized, but full of speed and heart and always seemed to make things happen. I think Boo Williams is proving he is a great player and needs to be on the field more. Sloan started off slow, but has improved and I think he could be big down the stretch. Carney has been very impressive all year I thought he might start to show his age, but he has been solid all year and could make the probowl himself. I dont know what else to say but I hope ppl get over the fact that Im just here to start trouble and fight with ppl. I come here cause I want to talk about the Saints.

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