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saintz08 07-17-2002 01:14 AM

Which is the greater must see game . ( personally interested )

Green Bay
Tampa Bay
Miami (preseason finale )

I am really interested in the Miami game , I know it counts for squat but it has my personal interest none the less .The trash talk alone should rival the Super Bowl .

Halo 07-17-2002 07:42 AM

Tampa Bay is mine. This could be when we get revenge, or the Bucs begin to feel they own us... well, they already feel that they own us, but I beg to differ. :mad:

saintz08 07-17-2002 01:52 PM

How cold can they make it in the dome ????

Not sure I am buying into all that Gruden Hype . The quarterbacks are questionable at best and the running game ??? And we all saw how exceptional Rob Johnson is without a running game :P . Should be interesting .

Gumbo 07-19-2002 12:50 PM

Miami should be interesting with the \"new\" RW, But a new division rival in Tampa should make for a better game

whodatsaintsfan26 07-20-2002 12:46 AM

I have to go with Green Bay. Can Turley hold Joe Johnson? How big of a mistake did the saints make by letting him go? Can the Saints begin to win at home? After a tough game with Tampa and knowing there is a tough game with Chicago next can they handle the tough stretch?

saintz08 07-20-2002 01:28 AM

The funny thing is I see the Miami game as an ego battle .
Ricky Williams against the D- Fence , who wears down first
Haslett against Wannstedt , who made the right decision .

In the dome it could get ugly , The Tampa game is who opens the whoop ass first , if Tampa fails they will blame it on a new coach , system and staff . Miami , there is nothing new just something to prove .

The early schedule is tough , they just gotta let the Dawgs out .

St22Bob 07-21-2002 09:58 PM

Why must it be one of these three games? Miami game should tell us, and more importantly the coaches, what type of team we will have. Tampa Bay will be a real test - a tested defense and a new offense. :casstet: I will give the nod to Green Bay - the Saints of the past have not been able to get up for non-division games. I hope that changes.

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