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8-8 Team really improved???

this is a discussion within the Saints Community Forum; And the 2004 Billy Carpenter Award goes to.... HAZ08 sorry guys but that goes to me, cuz the saints will be 13-3.... i have seen it DT - Sullivan - young, not real experienced, what experience he does have was ...

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8-8 Team really improved???

And the 2004 Billy Carpenter Award goes to.... HAZ08
sorry guys but that goes to me, cuz the saints will be 13-3.... i have seen it

DT - Sullivan - young, not real experienced, what experience he does have was considered by the coaches as a let down, not real mature, overweight.

Paks response: was a rookie last year, might be overweight, but that b/c he added muscle, not fat :P

DT - Young - undersized a sometimes starter in St. Louis. Also, we have a rookie to throw into the lineup. Yippee!

Paks response: might be considered small but so is la\'roi glover, has a big motor and plays with passion, something we lacked last year on D

OLB - Hodge, Allen, Smith, Rodgers, Will Smith, Cie Grant, Watson. Hmm - looks like chronic underacheiver, underacheiver, decent but getting old, not a LB, no experience with only what 1 yr in college as an LB, rookie. Solid baby, solid.

Paks response: Hodge got hurt in the texans game an never was the same after missing 4 games, allen was a 2nd year LB who played sparingly but is projected to start this year so he has to be improving, rodgers is just a lil over 30 and still can play for another 5 years, smith wont be playing LB unless its the buck position, n that is coming off the end, he kinda reminds me of derrick thomas, the KC chiefs LB who played on the end... grant was late to camp got hurt, dont know.... heard good things but heard bad things too...watson... looks good so far, definetly underrated and could surprise alot of people

MLB - See above... then add Ruff - a never starter who couldn\'t start here and is slower than me. 16-0 baby.

Paks response: ruff is a classic middle LB, he wasnt brought in to rush the qb but stay in da middle, which is what he did, but or DL was so fouled up last year that he aint have a chance, played well n showed flashes, still young

CB - Fred Thomas - solid but getting old and has always been too small and best suited as a number 2 CB. He\'s our number 1.

Paks response: uhhh solid but getting old? dunno what to add... plays with heart? lol

CB - Jason Craft - lost his starting job in Jax and then was replaced by a gaggle of CBs. Will be decent if he can stay healthy, but is hardly a number one type guy.

Paks response: lost his job to injury and a new coaching staff, wasnt one of del rio\'s \"guys\", if he can play up to where he was at before gettin hurt, will be a steal for us

CB - Ambrose. Old, slow, IMO is probably in his last year. His experience and \"knack\" for the game will be outweighed by WRs speed and quickness.

Paks response: old slow and IMO is prolly in his last year, his experience n knack fo da game will be outweighed by wr\'s speed n quickness was the same thing everyone said last year yet he always seemed to make a play when we needed one got several key turnovers and could help out our young guys brown n craver

CB - Fahkir Brown - potential. Lots of potential... that means, hasn\'t done a thing yet.

Paks response: played well down the stretch, will play up to all that potential this year

CB - Craver. Overweight, bad attitude - god help us if this kid gets in the game.

Paks response: hes a good special teams player? lol knows how to enjoy the true side of New Orleans

S - Mel Mitchell - a kid who is in his third season and has never started a game and is coming off a major injury. Yeah, that\'s solid.

Paks response: was expected to start in only his 2nd year, that has to say something about the kid, was hurt n preseason n never got a chance to show what he could do on the field.... if he gets back to 100 %, things could be lookin up...

S - Tebucky Jones - the guy can\'t tackle to save his life (or ours). Fantastic.

Paks response: doesnt need to tackle, wont be thrown at all year b/c of our super D Line
but in the event that a qb might get the ball off, he will wrap up this year all it takes is a lil coaching help, it will happen

all that and it looks 13 n 3 to me, ok ok maybe im dreaming but hey, whats wrong with a few great expectations

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8-8 Team really improved???

I honestly don’t know of a single team in the league that added more quality to their team while losing virtually nothing.

New England Patriots

Players added (6):

RB Rodney Bailey (FA, PIT)
CB Jeff Burris (cut, CIN)
RB Corey Dillon (trade, CIN)
P Josh Miller (cut, PIT)
CB Otis Smith (FA, DET)
DT Keith Traylor (FA, CHI)

Players lost (5):

S Chris Akins (FA, MIA)
G Mike Compton (FA, JAX)
RB Antowain Smith (cut)
DT Ted Washington (FA, OAK)
G Damien Woody (FA, DET)

Re-signed (7):

S Je\'Rod Cherry
RB Mike Cloud
LB Don Davis
RB Kevin Faulk
G Russ Hochstein
FB Patrick Pass
WR J.J. Stokes

Rd Sel# Team Player Pos Ht Wt School

1 21 Patriots Vince Wilfork DT 6-2 344 Miami (FL)
The FOX Take: Wilfork becomes the 6th Hurricane taken in the first round, a record for most first-round picks from one school.
1 32 Patriots Ben Watson TE 6-3 255 Georgia
The FOX Take: Tom Brady gets another safety net in the passing game. Watson should be recovered from an ankle injury that hampered him in 2003.
2 64 Patriots Marquise Hill DE 6-7 294 LSU
The FOX Take: The Pats just keep loading up on D-linemen.
3 96 Patriots Guss Scott S 5-11 195 Florida
The FOX Take: Could be groomed to succeeed Rodney Harrison at strong safety.
4 114 Patriots Dexter Reid S 6-0 200 North Carolina
The FOX Take: Punishing hitter earned the nickname \'Super Ram\' with the Tar Heels.
4 129 Patriots Cedric Cobbs RB 6-0 232 Arkansas
The FOX Take: Could have been a first rounder if not for inability to stay healthy.
5 165 Patriots P.K. Sam WR 6-3 195 Florida State
The FOX Take: Could have benefitted from another year at FSU and been an earlier pick in 2005.
6 198 Patriots Drew Caylor DE 6-5 275 Stanford
The FOX Take: It\'ll be the Patriots\' challenge to tap the impressive athletic potential of this prospect.
7 234 Patriots Christian Morton CB 6-1 180 Illinois
The FOX Take: Enigmatic talent who arrived on campus with great fanfare and then slowly deteriorated into a role player.

\"Americans play to win at all times. I wouldn\'t give a hoot in hell for a man who lost and laughed.\" - George S. Patton
On another note, I\'ll take a bite of that crow 08. - Saintfan
Brooks is a moron!! - Halo
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8-8 Team really improved???

I can generate just as negative a report about the world champ Patriots too if I try hard enough.
Go ahead and try... I dare you!
OK WhoDat, I will. Also keep in mind this is the world champion New England Patriots I\'m using to make my point. Imagine how much easier it would be using someone else...
So cut me some slack, I\'m a fish out of water when it comes to one-sided pessimism

WhoPat> All you guys on cloud nine better wake up. This team isn’t nealy as talented as you think. When we lose Romeo, and we will soon, this team will go back to the Cleveland era Belichick teams. Do you forget we were 9-7 just 2 years ago, and had to win in OT week 16 to do it?
So while all you other PATSies are worshipping this team, I prefer realism. Pound all the sunshine you want boys, cause it ain’t gonna last long with these guys. Donno, Willy C, and patsfan, enjoy it now cause this roster stinks! Gatorpat and I can see right through this roster of undertalented overachievers.

Tom Brady-So we’re paying him like he’s the 2nd coming of Joe Montana? He can’t run, can’t throw the deep ball. He’s one blown call in the snow from being Jeff frickin\' Hostettler. Can you say system QB? That system will be gone soon so wake up so quit drinking that PatTang and sober up.

Corey Dillon-This guy is now an injury prone shadow of former self. He’s become a locker room cancer, and his teammates hate him. Not exactly a good pick-up for a team with building internal problems already.

Kevin Faulk-A 3rd down back at best. He’s one good hit from the DL.

Antoinne Smith-He’s always got the job done, and we cut him??? Classless.

WR-Deion Branch-Midget WR who can’t separate. 3TD’s in 15 games. WOW! The next Randy Moss!

WR-Troy Brown-33 years old, 4 catches per game and 4TD’s per year scares no one. We need WR help and PK Sam ain’t it! Of course, I said the same thing last year, and the year before, and the year before. We need a stud WR!

WR-David Patten-6 catches, 0 TD’s for the year. And he sucked in 8 is enough!

WR-JJ Stokes-I don’t have time to type all his flaws. Couldn’t even shine in Frisco’s pass happy O? Yea, like he\'s gonna make an impression here? Against AFC East DB\'s? I don\'t think so.

TE-Daniel Grahm, 1st round pick has 5 TD’s, IN TWO YEARS! No wonder we took another TE this year. TOTAL BUST! I bet he comes to camp fat.

TE-Fauria-Seattle reject, MEDIOCRE back-up at best. But I guess when your #1 TE is a total bust, he\'s a nice little security blanket.

CB-Ty Law-Unhappy wants to leave, will retire before he plays for Bill again. Best player on our team wants out. As did Lawyer Milloy. See a trend here guys?

We draft Vince Wilfork? A guy who’s built a reputation for ballooning up and taking the 2nd half off? Teams that ran on Miami did it running straight at them. Well here’s a news flash for you Donno…It was Wilfork they were exploiting! We could have had Devery Henderson. We could have had Steven Jackson or Kevin Jones.

Ben Watson? An undersized TE with a reputation for being soft? Now I hear UGA was glad he left. Apparently he wasn’t the ideal teammate to say the least. Yea thats the answer to our bust TE Graham. Clueless.

Their only decent pick was Marquis Hill. He’s gonna be a stud.

I’ve been screaming we need a stud WR and RB for three years now and you know what, next year we’ll be screaming we need a WR and RB again!

We are one assistant coach loss away from being the Mickey Mouse New Orleans Saints!.

You know, its not really that hard to be a total pessimist. I may have missed my calling.

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Divided We Fall
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8-8 Team really improved???

Danno, though I most often agree with \"whopat\" and \"gatorpat\", I have to say that your satire post was VERY WELL DONE! It made my day, and I really needed a pick-me-up.

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8-8 Team really improved???


Man, you deserve an award for that post. Hilarious!!

That sounds just like WhoDat.

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8-8 Team really improved???

You\'re completely full of sh!t Danno, but I will give you props for that one. I laughed and cried.
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8-8 Team really improved???

You\'re completely full of sh!t Danno, but I will give you props for that one. I laughed and cried.
I\'ll take that as the utmost compliment, thanks, I tried really hard
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