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Rob 11-26-2002 02:39 PM

Aaron Brooks
I have given Aaron Brooks the benefit of the doubt since the start of the season but I am sold that the time for a QB change is now. He lacks in several areas and I can't understand why. First, he seldom puts air under the football so this restricts his passes to bullets. We all know that it isn't how hard you throw but its your timing and accuracy. Second, he doesn't seem to be able to feel the rush and get out of the pocket quickly, and he doesn't run enough. Take what the defense gives you, like his cousin Michael Vic does. Third, I'm getting tired of seeing him throw passes off his back foot while backing up. Yes, this will work sometime but it is a bad habit. Fourth, over the past several games he has run out of the pocket buying time but he just doesn't seem to be able to spot receivers. Good QB's will find an open receiver or run for the necessary yardage. If a change is not made soon, the Saints will not make the playoffs. Bet on it.

saintfan 11-26-2002 02:49 PM

Aaron Brooks
You must be a Cowboy fan. Jeesh...will everyone get off AB!?! Give \'em hell Pakowitz. All these AB bashers are makin\' me angry! :mad:

pakowitz 11-26-2002 04:22 PM

Aaron Brooks
man, i just dont understand you people, once again, BROOKS IS 2ND IN THE LEAGUE IN TD PASSES, do you understand that?!!? THE SAINTS LEAD THE LEAGUE IN SCORING. do you understand that?!!?
if u dont like brooks then u dont like any of the saints,
but other then the turnovers, he still moved the ball down the field to the red zone,
and it hurts to not have the best back in the league in the backfield DEUCE. when the got in the red zone the D clamped down and we couldnt run the ball for crap, so brooks was forced to try to make plays and it didnt happen. ENOUGH OF DA BASHING. IT AINT GONNA WORK. BROOKS IS AND WILL STAY OUR QB!!!!

SycoSurfer 11-26-2002 06:53 PM

Aaron Brooks
Once again you guys here bashing a guy for an opinion. Not to mention that he is making several good points. Brooks does everything he said. The only thing I dont agree with is that we should bench Brooks. We dont have a proven backup.

Brooks is 2nd in the league in TD passes. LOOK AT OUR WR!!! Where is he in yards? QB rating? comp%? So we have the most talented WR in the league and Brooks is 2nd. We also have a top rusher so we move the ball alot better than most teams. Tom Brady is first you gonna tell me that he is that much more talented that Brooks? Or Farve? or Garcia? Brady must be the best QB in the league he has the most TDs! GET REAL! That is the worst argument I have ever heard.
We have by far the most complete Offense in the league and if we could get a QB who can consistently make plays we would score more points. We were avg. more than 30 pts a game and Carney still had 10+ FG from inside 35 yards. Brooks can get things done but so can just about any QB you put in an Offense with this many weapons.
PPL are not saying he is a bad QB we are saying he still makes too many bad decisions. He makes bad reads and sumtymes he hurts this team instead of helps them. Then what does he do? He laughs about it. Then when asked about it we should be happy he has given us a good team to watch. I think he is selfish and heartless until he proves otherwise thats how alot of ppl will feel. We want the QB we had his first year with us not the QB that doesnt care about anything.

whodatsaintsfan26 11-26-2002 07:44 PM

Aaron Brooks
Is there any possibility that maybe the play calling is affecting AB? McCarthy obviosly sees what we are all in here arguing about. The play calling in the Atlanta game was horrible. Brooks played bad in the last 2 games besides that.(carolina and Cleveland.) If you know your QB makes bad throws on certain routes or plays dont call them. Duece isnt seeing enough carries the past couple of games. Run the ball and Brooks has open lanes to throw. They pass too much. The first game against Tampa Duece has 31 carries. Since then he hasnt carried the ball 30 times in a game the rest of the way. Against Pittsburgh he had 29 carries another win. Why is it when we play a team with a tough run defense we run, but when we dont we throw? Duece has carried the ball less than 20 times 3 times this season. I dont think it is a coincidence that we have lost 2 of those games. The saints have not lost a game this season when Duece gets 20 or more carries. Maybe the coaches should take a look at that little stat there. AB can move the offense, but the coaches put him in situations where he has to throw too much. Run the ball and you win if you dont you lose period. Check out the stats.

pakowitz 11-26-2002 09:57 PM

Aaron Brooks
thats funny, ur not saying he is a bad qb, thats what u have been saying all along, at least keep your arguement the same. this is boring me now, im tired of you and your not comebackself, so u know what, comeback when u have a descent argument

whodatsaintsfan26 11-26-2002 10:50 PM

Aaron Brooks
was that post reffered to me pak?

pakowitz 11-26-2002 11:09 PM

Aaron Brooks
naw, to syco

whodatsaintsfan26 11-26-2002 11:32 PM

Aaron Brooks
allrightty then

JOESAM2002 11-27-2002 12:03 AM

Aaron Brooks
Whodat, I believe you\'re right. McCarthy isn\'t calling plays that are getting the job done. I remember one time in the Browns game after one play, Haz looked at him like he\'d lost his mind. McCarthy is a good offensive mind, he just needs to use it more and quit thinking about a head coaching job. He\'s about to coach his way right out of one. :)

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