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SycoSurfer 11-26-2002 03:22 PM

Is a change really that bad???
I seem to notice that there are about 5 guys that keep each others back and are defending Brooks and they can only talk about what he has done in the past. I want to ask if we had Culpepper right now(Im NOT suggesting trade for him just saying if we had him instead of Brooks) would yall be calling for his head? I mean he had a great year his first year lead his team deep in the playoffs and since then has had 2 bad years this being the worst. He has tons of potential but right now he isnt helping the team win. Do you worry about winning now or later?
There are alot of QBs that study a system for a few years and then take over. Steve Young, Gannon, Garcia... they all studied under a veteran and became great QBs. Culpepper is trying to do to much and put the team on his shoulders and making alot of mistakes. The Vikings have the luxury of a veteran backup. The Saints do not. Im not calling for a QB change now, but I am worried about our FUTURE!
Kordell Stewart had a good year last year but this year struggled and he got benched for a virtual rookie. Why do we have to stick with Brooks till he completly blows a season? The Steelers made a change and now are a favorite in the AFC.
Im just wondering how bad does Brooks have to play before you ppl decide it is tyme to make a change. Im not saying cut Brooks cause he could be the future, but he isnt learning right now and looks like he is falling back. He is in the bottom half of the NFL in QB rating, but we have a way more talented team than most of the guys around him. I am just looking for a solid starter to keep this team playing well and winning possibly winning some games. Brooks should finish the season as the starter and hopefully make some improvement.
Brooks gives us the best chance, but maybe in the offseason we should think about bringing in a veteran to help Brooks mature.
Just an opinion but what do you guys think?

whodatsaintsfan26 11-26-2002 03:35 PM

Is a change really that bad???
Last night Garcia got benched for a virtual rookie too. I am not a AB fan as most of you know, but he has had 3 bad games this season. He played horrible against the Lions, panthers, and Falcons. He played great against Green bay, S.F., and most of the game against Chicago. Most QB\'s that lose their work horse back like AB did the last two week are going to struggle, because they take most of the focus of the defense. He has problems making certain throws and he makes some bad decisions. He is more talented than any other QB on the roster and give you the best chance to win right now. What veteran QB would you like to see come in next season and challenge his job? Please let me know that.

pakowitz 11-26-2002 04:17 PM

Is a change really that bad???
if we had culpepper, i wouldnt be calling for his head, i would defend him too, he and brooks are both trying to shoulder the loads for their respective teams, and dont even tell me that brooks isnt, just cuz he doesnt own up to it, doenst mean isnt trying to put the team on his shoulder and he was trying to make things happen sunday and it just didnt work out. other then the turnovers he didnt play that bad, i mean, if we score instead of turning it over we would be calling him our savior.

SycoSurfer 11-26-2002 06:00 PM

Is a change really that bad???
Im not saying we should bench Brooks he gives us the best chance to win. Thats what that entire post was about. Once again Pak and Gatorman you make good points but try and make the post say sumthing it doesnt so you can argue with someone.
IF we are 11-0 noone would be complaining, but we are NOT 11-0!
I was complaining when we were 3-0 still complaining at 6-1 and come to think of it I was complaining all last year. Im not just starting to not like Brooks. I stopped liking him when he stopped playing the way that got him the job.
Brooks is trying to do too much. We have so much talent on this team he shouldn\'t have to make more than a 10 yard pass and then the WR or RB could do the rest. The 49ers won how many SBs like that? Short pass let the WR run... We have great WR Brooks should not have to shoulder the load. Maybe thats the problem he is too stupid to realize that our team is much more than just HIM. He is a selfish player not worried about the W-L or the fans lets worry about my stats and my money. BULL$#!+ We need a QB that will take resposibility and admit when he blows a game. A QB with a heart. How many tymes has Culpepper blown up this year and yelled at ppl cause they had a bad day? He goes after everyone cause he wants to win. If he sees a chance to pick up 5-10 yards he gets them. Culpepper is a warrior on a far less talented team and he HAS to SHOULDER THE LOAD. Brooks does not. Brooks has no heart or desire to win and until he gets that back I will not like him. If he wins I might not complain as much but I still will not like him.
Bash me all you want thats how I see things and it seems alot of ppl agree with me.

whodatsaintsfan26 11-26-2002 07:30 PM

Is a change really that bad???
Once again. What veteran QB would you like to bring in to compete for Brooks\' job?

pakowitz 11-26-2002 09:51 PM

Is a change really that bad???
if he wins u wont complain as much, hmmmm, didnt u also say that u were complaining when we were 3-0 and 6-1, u just dont like brooks and thats ur opinion, granted its a thoughtless opinion but yet it is yours

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