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BrooksMustGo 05-12-2004 02:05 PM

O'Sullivan, Our Hope for a Super Future

We need to start O'Sullivan this season.

Otherwise, he becomes a restricted free agent and we lose him. I'm not prepared to watch another Saints backup go to the playoffs/superbowl. We have a budding elite talent. O'Sullivan has gone about as far as he can go without starting on the next level. His 60% completion is already better than what Brooks can do over a season. O'Sullivan has thrown 6 TD's to 1 INT this season. That stat alone speaks volumes about his decision making and grasp of what the defense is doing on the other side. He has good feet and moves around well. If left undefended, O'Sullivan will both move the chains and not back out of his protection. Lastly, O'Sullivan is like the great players; he makes the guys around him better. Brooks is just another of the pretty good quarterbacks, but he folds in the clutch and his team gives up on him.

We could unload Brooks to the Raiders for a ridiculously high draft selection or even manage Woodson out of the deal. We would take a cap hit this year to do it, but who cares? Brooks salary is about to go sky high anyway. Evidently, we aren't going to do anything with that cap room right now anyway. We unload Brooks and sign O'Sullivan and Deuce to long term deals and still come out ahead.

We deal Brooks and rid our team of its #1 cancer and give a guy with a limitless future a chance to take us to the promised land. So simultaneously, we start a guy who can be a winner for us and make a HUGE improvement on the defense. With that combination, it is a 10-6 season minimum.

With JT we have an honest chance to rise above mediocrity. It's foolish not to give him a shot.

GumboBC 05-12-2004 02:13 PM

O'Sullivan, Our Hope for a Super Future

We need to start O\'Sullivan this season.
I stopped reading after the first line. ;)

Seriously though, you can\'t be serious? At least I\'m serously thinking, you can\'t be serious. Cause in all seriousness, it just doesn\'t seem like you could be serious.

D_it_up 05-12-2004 04:04 PM

O'Sullivan, Our Hope for a Super Future
I agree that the Saints should give J.T. a shot, but not this year. I\'m not a Brooks fan by any stretch of the imaginiation, but I don\'t hate the guy either. He did improve his stats in most all, if not every, category last year. His only problem was holding on to the ball. That\'s a big problem, but if he can possibly correct that this season, then I say stick with Brooks. If Haslett and Co. can\'t find a way to make the playoffs this season, I have a strong feeling he could be on his way out. Loomis as well. If another coach were to come in, I could see Brooks being traded or cut so to give O\'Sullivan a shot. NFL Europe is NOT the NFL. True enough there have been a lot of players that came out of there and went on to become stars, but J.T. is still raw. I just hope he doens\'t get a raw deal like Jake got before he was shipped off. Give the guy an opportunity, but give Brooks another shot before you start the Goodship O\'Sullivan.

kenpersons 05-12-2004 07:11 PM

O'Sullivan, Our Hope for a Super Future
To say Brooks is another Jeff George or a cancer at all means you haven\'t been paying attention. At. All. He will be why the Saints win a Super Bowl if ever they win one. Write it down.

GumboBC 05-12-2004 08:31 PM

O'Sullivan, Our Hope for a Super Future
Welcome to the board kenpersons. I also believe in Aaron Brooks. You got 3 catorgories of folks here on Aaron Brooks:

1. Pro-Brooks.
2. Anit -Brooks.
3. Wait-n-See about Brooks.

It seems to be more of the Anti-Brooks folks here. Anyway, I\'ve read your comments on the home page. Look foward to your comments here on the message board.......

WhoDat 05-12-2004 08:59 PM

O'Sullivan, Our Hope for a Super Future
Hhhmmm... I have to agree with my esteemed college D_it_up on this one.

Brooks showed me early in the season that he had something. His play in the second half of the season was just flat bad and cost us games. Still, on this issue, I say give the guy a chance - amazing I know.

Were there another QB here that was capable and ready to take the starting job I might feel differently, but JT is still just too raw and Bouman might slip to third on the depth chart with the way JT is playing.

Anyway, I see no reason why this should not be a banner year for AB. He\'s had plenty of time as a starter, plenty of time in the system, plenty of time with his current receivers, plenty of help with leadership and management and efficiency and blah blah blah. With the weapons this team has he should throw for 3,500+ yards and 25 TDs. If he can keep his turnovers under 10 and his completion percentage around 60% the guy will deserve not only to be the starter here but a Pro Bowler.

Now, if he doesn\'t do that, then I think it is time to look elsewhere at QB. AB, like Haslett, has no reason not to put it all together this year. Additionally, I agree that JT is more likely to be the Saints QB of the future. The guy is efficient, seems more dangerous with his feet, and like someone else mentioned, has a ton of heart and leadership ability. Two years from now this kid can be the surprise of the NFL. I just hope he\'s our surprise and not somebody else\'s.

JKool 05-12-2004 10:53 PM

O'Sullivan, Our Hope for a Super Future
Bouman in third! Say it isn\'t so!

He\'s the guy Haz wanted originally! He\'s the QB that can take us to the Super Bowl! He\'s smart! He doesn\'t turn the ball over! We\'re paying him a lot of money! He was the guy to replace Jake!

JT beats Bouman... NOOOOOOOOOOO.


Ok, just kidding. JT isn\'t ready to play in the NFL. I do hope we keep him. However, lots of the QBs warming benches these days are QBs of the future. I\'m sure we\'ll have a different QB of the future even if JT gets away.

JKool 05-12-2004 10:54 PM

O'Sullivan, Our Hope for a Super Future
PS - If we keep JT another year, you know he\'ll just show up to camp fat.

Ok, I think I got it out of my system now.

saintz08 05-12-2004 11:47 PM

O'Sullivan, Our Hope for a Super Future

With JT we have an honest chance to rise above mediocrity. It\'s foolish not to give him a shot.
The only 3rd string pine riders that Hasbeen allows a chance to start are those from Green Bay .

My early money is on J.T. ending up in Tampa Bay , where in 3 years Gruden has the offense up and running in Tampa and on to the Super Bowl again .......

JKool 05-13-2004 12:35 AM

O'Sullivan, Our Hope for a Super Future
Ok, I lied, I\'m not done with this one.

After people get all over our draft with this \"they haven\'t played a single down in the NFL\" stuff, how can one possible endorse JT? I\'m mean, he hasn\'t played a down in the NFL either - what would make you think that he\'d be better than any other guy who hasn\'t played a down. Apparantly, Will Smith is as good a QB as JT - after all neither of them has \"played a down in the NFL\", so it is completely impossible to tell if either of them would be any better than the other.

Alright, I might be done now. ;)

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