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Ok - maybe a dumb question

this is a discussion within the Saints Community Forum; Spies and drones... The new NFL....

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Spies and drones...

The new NFL.
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If you read between the lines a little bit, the whole strict thing about "no communication" has to do with the fact that Payton and Loomis have beach houses in Florida that are like, less than a mile apart from each other, on the same stretch of beach; and this particular condition of his punishment was only handed down just AFTER Payton, Loomis, and Bill Parcells had gone GOLFING together in Florida. Their golf game sparked a huge media controversy that made Goodell and the NFL look silly, because of the people in the media clamoring about the Saints violating the Rooney rule, and the hilarious image of Parcells, Loomis and Payton golfing together, obviously plotting for the Saints, and talking about Goodell behind his back. It was incredibly silly and made Goodell look like a ridiculous buffoon instead of a level-headed, fair commissioner he wants to be portrayed as.

The tactical purpose of this condition was also to keep Payton from getting a job as an NFL analyst, where he would obviously have a soap box every week to keep subtly hammering the league and mocking Goodell, which would be hugely embarrassing.

So the strictness of the "no communication" thing was basically just an extra "FU" from Goodell to Payton and Loomis, a personal grudge, nothing more. So they can't barbeque together with their families in Florida, or say "hi" to each other if they happen to bump into each other while walking along on their private beach, get it?

Get used to it -- Goodell is going to have a hard on for "getting" Payton and Loomis as long as they are a thorn in his side.
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Get used to it -- Goodell is going to have a hard on for "getting" Payton and Loomis as long as they are a thorn in his side.[/QUOTE]

As long as this team is relevant we will be a thorn in his side.....err I mean butt!

And as long as we have Payton and Loomis this team is going to be relevant.

Kommisar Godhell better get used to seeing Payton passed out with the Lombardi.
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I started a thread hear quite a while back talking about how I couldnt stand Goodydell and how he I felt he had too much power. I kind of remember quite a few people disagreeing with my position, but I think my point is now well proven. He has way too much power with no checks and balances. I can't wait for him to get caught in a scandal and fall off of his high horse.
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44, your question is not dumb.
Jamessr is most likely correct in that the NFL will assume SeanP and others will honor this and not talk of the NFL, games, or SeanP give coaching adivice via phone calls, cell phone text, email, postal mail, etc.,nothing.
Euphoria is right. No way private calls, text, emails, etc. can be monitored, but any NFL properties like computers, phones, well, maybe so. There is always one person to rat out. What is the saying about a secret is a secret as long as one person knows , just one person knows, When two people know a secret is no longer a secret. LOL.
I assume SeanP will send Christmas cards, etc. to people.
I mean SeanP will not communicate with Vitt about coaching , etc.
SaintsBro said it best. I go back adn forth about the Bounty thing. Wrong is wrong. This was stupid wrong with the Saints.
Goodelle and the punishments were most sever. I can get if there were fines, I mean big ones, add high 6 figure fines or even with 7 zeros there, and missing some games. The punishments seem really personal. Just personal.
SaintsBor I forgot or did not know Seap and the others you mentioned lived in FL , same part of the beach.
Wow, this is a persoanl punishment.
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