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TheOak 07-10-2012 03:33 PM

Brees Watch
Shall we keep all of these in one thread until he signs?

"Weíre less than a week away from the deadline for franchise quarterback Drew Brees to sign a long-term deal and, as you might expect, the innuendo is heating up.

Chris Mortensen reports that sources said Brees
has no plans to sign his $16 million franchise tender and report to training camp if a long-term deal isnít reached by 4 p.m. ET next week. A holdout would be a nightmare scenario for every New Orleans fan. Same for Brees and the Saints.

Can I see Brees actually playing that kind of hardball when it comes right down to it? Yeah, heís competitive streak and pride are part of what make him so good on the field and I think heís just stubborn enough to do it because heís probably looking at the last contract of his career.

That said, I still highly doubt this will come down to a holdout. In relative terms, there still is a lot of time to get a long-term deal done.

Talks have been going on for months and both sides have a common goal. According to Mortensen, the Saints have offered a deal that averages $19.25 million a season, while Brees is seeking a contract worth $20.5 million a year.

In the grand scheme of things, thatís not that large a gap. One side can go up or one can go down or the two can meet in the middle. Thatís what negotiations are about and we really are just getting down to the heavy part.

Iíd expect a little more posturing. But sometime before Monday afternoon, Iíd expect Brees and the Saints both to be smiling. If theyíre not, then whatís already been a bad offseason for the Saints will turn into a full-fledged fiasco."

Report: Brees holdout possible - NFC South Blog - ESPN

Jamessr 07-10-2012 03:44 PM


Originally Posted by x626xBlack (Post 417587)
Shall we keep all of these in one thread until he signs?

So why did you make a new one?

TheOak 07-10-2012 03:49 PM

Because it is News, and I do not have the authority to roll them all into one...

Discussions are one thing... news is a different thing.

Thank you for your contribution.

Crusader 07-11-2012 06:10 AM


Originally Posted by x626xBlack (Post 417587)
Shall we keep all of these in one thread until he signs?

Good idea.

sharke 07-11-2012 06:19 AM

wait, something is going on w/ Drew Brees? Why hasn't anyone reported on this?

TheOak 07-11-2012 08:53 AM

My prediction and why: (assumptions are Brees wants to stay in New Orleans and the Saints do not want to lose him)

BOTH parties want a long term deal THIS YEAR -

New Orleans can not risk not getting a long term deal done this year, next year their necks will be on the block, and Drew will have them over a barrel. No long term deal this year means that next year the Saints have to either swallow a 24M Franchise Tag or let him be an unrestricted free agent. You think 20 mil this year hurts, wait till its 24 M next year when Grahams contract is due and more cuts have to happen to pay that tag.

Drew does not want to play for 15+ this year period. Due to his age he wants...needs to get this long term deal done now. Every year that deal is postponed Drews age will be a more important factor, and there is also the risk of injury. Drew knows this more that anyone because of what happened to him in San Diego.. On any given Sunday any team could win, and on any given Sunday any player could get hurt.

Also to note is that the Saints released Carl Nicks arguably the best guard in the game to make room to get this done. To not get it finished would make them look fairly incompetent.

My Take on why no long term deal has been agreed upon yet:

First and most importantly is because this is how the game of contract negotiations are played... I know I keep saying this and some just cant wrap their head around it but Drew is not the only one in the position he is in. Dwayne Bowe, Ray Rice, Cliff Averil, Mike Wallace, Matt Forte', Maurice Jones Drew.... All in the same boat....

Secondly - And I think this is a key piece of the puzzle that has not been brought up yet. Tom Benson just does not know how to do this... The Saints under Benson have NEVER had a talent of Drew's caliber, they are not experienced at handling big talent contracts and negotiations. The front office does not have the experience that the Patriots, Packers, or Giants have. Sean Payton not being there means that a key negotiator and someone Drew trusts is not part of all of this and Loomis is distracted with the Hornets...

Essentially what you have is Tom Condon an expert at negotiating and landing huge contracts for hall off fame caliber quarter backs vs Tom Benson an expert at slinging cars....

Lastly - Drew.... Contract negotiations are a high stakes game of chicken... So you have an inexperienced (with large contracts) front office, facing off against a man that has defied all odds, and beat adversity through out his life time from college all the way to the NFL, this guy at 6 foot tall weighing 209 lbs has 300 lb plus people trying to kill him at least 16 weeks a year. You are not going to scare him... as a matter of opinion from what I see of his personality, the more you push on him the harder and more he wants to fight.

Who needs who more:

If Drew was to retire tomorrow he has enough bank to live comfortably... He WANTS the big contract and money and fame and fortune but does not NEED it.

The Saints NEED Drew this season most importantly... Next year when Sean payton is back and Loomis and the rest of the suspended coaches are back one could say, time to replace Drew Brees, we have the team to do it... NOT THIS YEAR! Way too many pieces of the puzzle are missing, with out Sean Payton Drew Brees is the glue to hold all of this together and make it happen.

I see repeated comments that Drew was offered contracts to be the highest paid player in the NFL multiple times but can not find any hard news other than the offer on June 7th and the most recent offer. There are no details on guaranteed or loading which is the most important part of a contract.. the structuring.

I searched all the news by year: And some things need to be cleared up

2009 - He restructured to give salary cap relief to the Saints.
Drew Brees recently restructured his contract to create salary

2010 - Saints offered to "EXTEND"... Not a NEW offer. The Saints CONSIDERED a new deal...
ESPN: Saints intend to extend Drew Brees' contract

2011 - Negotiations.. no offers... Still talking extension
Still no deal for Drew Brees | ProFootballTalk

Saints' Drew Brees hopes to sign long-term contract extension this offseason - NFL - Sporting News

Drew Dat: Brees has big money, opportunities still ahead
New contract for New Orleans Saints quarterback Drew Brees doesn't appear imminent - New Orleans Saints Football NFL News -

My honest opinion.. Drew should have been offered a new contract after winning the Super Bowl.. His 2009 Base Salary: $4,487,500 a year then and was the Super Bowl Winning Quarter Back! But no.... The Saints chose to capitalize on the low dollar contract and ride it out to its term... Did he pull a Reevis and moan and ***** and want a new contract? No he didn't, he took what was there and played his ass off for the next two years, never acting like a child. Now its time for the Saints to give back to the man that has given them so much....

They should have offered him 16M a year in 2010 and chose not to, now they are paying the price for sitting on their asses and doing nothing.. Benson is not capable of keeping Hall of fame talent.. or at least till this point he has not proven it to me.

Willie Roaf - Lost to the Chiefs in 2002.. Made All Pro and Pro Bowl in 2003,2004,2005

DblBogey 07-11-2012 09:54 AM

Here is the difference between a long term contract (LTC) and playing under the franchise tag (FT) . . .

1. LTC (19.2 to 20 million a year) gives him the cushion he needs as he heads into retirement in 5 years or so. He can continue to live comfortably with a cushy job at his allies at ESPN

2. Does playing under the FT (16.3 million a year) mean he will have to move from the Garden District down to the Lower Ninth Ward?

Come on give me a break . . . Drew has earned the right to negotiate the best contract he can get, more power to him. But on the other hand, neither Brees nor the Saints cannot afford to put all of their eggs in one basket. If Brees gets the moolah he wants and that precludes the Saints from surrounding him with blue chip players then it is a lose-lose situation. Who will we have to lose next year to support Brees salary. Would we be having this discussion if we had a crappy O line that allowed Brees to play an entire game on his ass and a D that couldn't stop a 90 year old tight end or running back.

I'm as big of a Brees fan as anyone in the Who Dat Nation but lets get real. The Saints and Brees both have got find balance so each of them win. Yeah they could give Brees everything he ever wanted but I don't think anyone would like the results in the long term, although we, for goodness sakes, have weathered really bad seasons. I forsee, if that happens, in a couple of years everyone on here would be calling for Drew's head much like we did before.

I think, we the fans, have evolved into mindless numbnuts that will pay any price for the sake of being entertained. Not only sports, but music, movies, etc. If we invested as much time and energy into making this country great again everything else would fall in place. Ok I'm stepping off the soapbox now go ahead and throw the tomatoes.

TheOak 07-11-2012 11:46 AM

Sorry... Some things have to be taken year by year. This year we desperately need him to do anything... Chase is dinged and yes his broken hand will heal but.... if he injures it or goes down for any reason who is stepping in?

Look at it this way... What if our back field takes the amount of injury it did two seasons ago, do you want a back up QB on the field with a Back up running game? Plus a brand new defensive coordinator, scheme, and new key players?

As far as for next year.... No one has a crystal ball..... Next year could bring a slew of lost players due to free agency, injury, etc...

DblBogey 07-11-2012 12:15 PM

Well, I for one do not want short term joy for long time misery. I've been through the long term misery (43years) already and it is no fun trying defend a sorry team.

ScottF 07-11-2012 12:24 PM

tag this year for 16+, next year for 23+ gives him 20 over 2 years... is that what he wants?

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