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saintfan 11-27-2002 12:29 PM

Go Away Brooks Bashers
A msg to SAINTZ08 et al. ENOUGH ALREADY! I'm simply sick of all the same 'ol sheet from you guys. Whom would you rather have...Vick? Naw...he scrambles too much...somebody is gonna kill him. Farve? Naw...he threw too many i-n-t's last week. A while back he sucked so bad they ran him out of Atlanta didn't they? Garcia? Naw...he hurt his ankle...must be a wimp...he's a CFL refugee isn't he? McNabb? Naw...he's a ball hog and wants all the Glory. Brady? Naw...he's a flash in the pan.

C'mon guys. Aikman had bad games. Montana threw a few INT's in his career. You all want so much to be "right". I remember all the pissin' and moaning at the beginning of the season, and I knew after a bad game or two you'd all start your sheet again. You actually want to take away from AB because he has good want to reduce his ability because he has a good back or quality receivers? C'mon...get real ya'll!

Haz said Horn should have come back for the ball last week. This was, of course, AB's fault. SURE is was! No doubt AB was forcing the issue, but this is all part of learning. And for what it's worth, sometimes you have to take chances. When you do that you'll win some and you'll lose some. That's football. AB's decision making couldn't be all bad could it? If it were, how the heck have the Saints managed to win 7 so far? Dumb luck I guess. Can ANY of you name for me one, just ONE Quarterback that mastered the game in two years. Idiots...

How many of you, doing whatever it is that you do for a living, can claim to KNOW IT ALL? And just how long did it take you to KNOW IT ALL? One year? Two Years? Maybe you're still learning about whatever it is you do for a living? Any of you ever make any mistakes? Surely not! Now wouldn't that just be somethin if you guys were's God's gift at whatever it is you do and that you mastered it in under two years? I'd sure think so! I'm sure some of you think you have nothing left to learn, but I'd beg to differ, and I don't give a damn what it is you do. I'd also feel pretty sorry for ya too.

If being a starting QB in the NFL was as easy as you all want to make it out to be, then how come none of YOU are doing it? AB is progressing slower than some...faster than others, and I doubt he'll be forced out of the league anytime soon only to return with some CFL experience in 10 years ala Maddux. How many of you AB bashers think that'll be the case? I'm lookin for a show of hands here...none? Thought so! Jerks...

Those of us that are "team" fans find it easy to realize that, while AB surely had a bad game, he didn't lose it on his own. Maybe Joe SHOULD have come back for that ball. Maybe Michael Lewis shouldn't have muffed that punt. ...and maybe AB shouldn't have forced that ball into the endzone. Listen to the feakin coach for God's sake. There was PLENTY of blame to go around. A QB can't win games on his own all the time. Ask Donovan. He'll tell ya, and thats a lesson Mr. Vick will learn soon enough too.

Listen, winning in the NFL isn't easy, and to do it consistantly is even more difficult. Check the Patriot's record this season. Didn't they win it all last year? All I'm asking you all to do is relax, and realize that for the first time in a LONG time the Saints have the talent to take it all the way. Yes AB has made some mistakes, but I've seen every ONE of our recievers drop passes this year they should have caught...and proping up Sloan by saying AB thows too hard is as much BS as I've heard come from one person in a long time. Get real. David stunk up the place in Detroit earlier this year. How, in your theoretically "right" minds, can you blame his crappy performance on the Quarter Back? I've seen Deuce fumble too. I've seen the offense, ummmm...LED by AB, have to come back time and time again because the "D" couldn't stop the other team. Seems to me you'd all be griping about THAT, but instead you choose to focus on AB because you're tyring to legitimize all that crap you were spewing early on.

I'll finish by saying AB has had a lot more to do with our 7 wins than our 4 losses. Is he or will he ever be the greatest Quarter Back that ever lived? Not likely. Can he win a Super Bowl? Absolutely. He has that kind of talent. A more mature offense all around and another playmaker or two on defense is what the Saints need. What they DON'T need is a bunch of fair weather "fans" (and I use that term loosley). Why don't you guys find something better to do? If you wanna complain so freakin' much go buy some paper bags, punch some holes in 'em so you can see out, and start watching the Bengals games. I think you need to watch a team that bad to really be happy sittin there in your "know-it-all" recliners. I know this is a msg board and it's for posting opinoins, but enough is e-freakin-nuff already. JEESH! :mad:

CajunBomber 11-27-2002 12:36 PM

Go Away Brooks Bashers
THANK YOU! I tried to write something like this earlier but I wasn\'t a member yet. I agree 100%.

saintz08 11-27-2002 12:59 PM

Go Away Brooks Bashers

Great idea !!!

Better yet , why don\'t we round up all the posters who do not think like you and put them in one place . Say , a concentration camp .

But before that you better burn all the books because you would not want anyone coming along later with another thought other than your narrow minded thoughts .


saintfan 11-27-2002 01:18 PM

Go Away Brooks Bashers
Smartazz...everyone has a right to their own opinion, I simply think most of us are gettin a little tired of reading all your Brooks bashing rhetoric. Personally, I sift through it like I do the rest of the junk mail I get. Ever heard of being positive, or do you live to gripe and gripe to live? I know it sucks to be wrong dude, but there\'s nothing wrong with admiting it. ;)

saintfan 11-27-2002 01:21 PM

Go Away Brooks Bashers
oh, and another thing. Lets put my posts and yours side-by-side, let eveyone vote, and see which one of us they think is \"narrow minded\". Like most Highschool quarterbacks, you, my friend, have tunnel vision. They\'re afraid of making mistakes. Are you?

saintz08 11-27-2002 02:24 PM

Go Away Brooks Bashers
I knew I forgot something , the infamous Pep Rally .



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posted on 23/8/2002 at 16:21
So lets see\'re blaming all the Saints woe\'s on Brooks? Is that what I\'m reading? Sure looks like it. I guess you won\'t be cheering when he performs well huh? I guess you think that one player makes a team right? I s\'pose you think it\'s \"OK\" and that Brooks should simply accept the fact that he\'s making less than the 2ND STRING QB on the team right? I even rekon you\'re all for handing it all over to Delhome too huh? I\'m fairly certain you didn\'t cheer for Brooks when he Quarterbacked the Saints to their first playoff win. I\'m sure you think he was just lucky to be on the field right? How can you NOT see the potential he has? Anyone who knows ANYthing about football knows a QB rating is relative to the personell on the TEAM! Up to now Brooks has had ONE quality reciever in Joe Horn. I dearly hope he starts lighting people up now that he has some weapons and someone who can catch the ball out of the backfield. I expect you\'ll enjoy the taste of crow too. For future reference, do you like your crow baked or fried?

Well he has 3 quality receivers and a Pro bowl tight end and a star runningback .

Still think Saints fans do not cheer for their team just because they do not think the Quarterback does not live up to all the Hype ??

Unfortunately opposing defenders do not see the hype either .

\"What I was seeing was a guy that didn\'t know if we were blitzing, didn\'t know if we were in a zone or a straight man-to-man,\" Little said. \"Personally, with or without him (Deuce), we didn\'t think he could read coverages that well, and he proved it today.\"

SycoSurfer 11-27-2002 02:29 PM

Go Away Brooks Bashers
Im not calling for Brooks\'s head. Im not saying trade him. Im saying he is a talented QB with tons of potential and he gives us the best chance to win, because we have no back up with EXP! However, he isnt smart, cannot read D, and maybe he needs to mature a little more and take some of the balme before we label him our savior as so many of you already have. If Brooks would care more I wouldnt dislike him as much. If he got mad when he messed up or Admitted he messed up I wouldnt dislike him as much. What does he do? He laughs, smiles, goes on the side lines and tells jokes, then in the press conference he says that we are lucky he has given us sumthing so exciting to watch all year... Im not feeling lucky that my QB was not upset we lost and he had the worst game of the year.

Our D is not great, and has been one of the weakest points on the team this year, but we have give up 8 pts a game on pts after turnovers. How many games have we lost by 8 points or more? Our D is not so dominating that it can win games for us. Not to mention we have had a number of injuries all season long in the secondary not counting that suspention. So is our D to blame not totally, but yes it can take some of it. But our D does not affect Brooks play. He isnt playing against our D is he?

We have not won a game where Deuce has had less than 20 carries, but we have the best WRs in the league and you would think if we had to throw with AB being so GREAT he would thrive in those situations, but he doesn\'t. AB can get it done yes, but alot of tyme he strugles. Im not happy that our QB has to wait till the 4th QTR or 3rd and long before he decides he wants to play hard or get serious.

As you said winning in the NFL isnt easy which is why im disappointed about this year. I think we have a team with the talent to get to the SB and win. However, how long will we have it? Our players aren\'t gonna stay with us forever while we get our stuff together and wait for AB to mature and lead this team. He has the talent to get it done, but his will and leadership is what I dont like. He has no drive. He plays for money and glory. Does he care if we win or lose? Does he care when he plays bad? NO you know why he is still gettig paid.

He has not proved that he is a leader off the field. He is the best QB we have and gives us the best chance to win, but how many ppl would go to war for him? I bet Farve or Manning would have ppl there.

When I see them introduce the starting lineup and Turley comes out sprinting like a mad man, Horn dances gets all pumped up and runs on to the field and then Brooks jogs out really slow and he is just kinda like yea Im here. When I saw this for the Atlanta game I looked at my dad and the ppl sitting next to us and I said AB doesnt want to play today we are gonna lose. Now he did wake up and played a good game, but i had already figured we would lose just cause he seemed like he didnt careor feel like playing. EVERY game counts and when he shows he doesnt care and we lose cause he didnt give it 100% it hurts me that he is our QB. I am all about ABs talent, but Im tired of waiting for him to get his act together.

Yes he is 2nd in the league in TDs (PAK) but he is mid ranged and below in most of the other categories. 17th in QB Rating, 26th in Comp %, 28th in INTs! So pls stop with that 1 Stat that you have.

Brooks might have a great future, but I hope he can get his stuff together soon. We dont have time to wait while he learns a little each year and we keep missing our chance season after season. I just hope that Brooks gets his stuff together before we lose the group of guys that give us a chance to win a SB. One player cant win a SB but 1 player can keep us from winning one.

saintfan 11-27-2002 03:10 PM

Go Away Brooks Bashers
Ok, ok SAINTZ08, I will forevermore STOP trying to change your mind. You\'re far to deep into your misguided opinion of AB to ever see the bright side. But I\'d like to ask ya one more thing. Don\'t you think that we\'ve scored enough points in EVERY game played so far to win...and if so don\'t you think the Defense (which hasn\'t held a team under 20 points all year) should shoulder most of the blame? If not, how many points per game would you suggest? Not many superbowl teams that I can recall had to score 25 points a game to win. If you expect AB to guide this team to 30 points a game then you\'re WAY out of reality. One vetran receiver, one rookie (who\'s routs I\'m sure aren\'t perfect) and another guy who was just beginning to show himself and is now with a new team. If you\'re lookin for the RAMS offense of a few years ago then good luck. That was a fluke, NOT the norm, and NOT the \"new way to win in the NFL\". Tampa Bay has the best record in Football and a damn good defense too. I guess according to you thats purely good fortune eh? Perhaps you\'d rather have one of the Johnson boys as our QB. Football is a TEAM sport fella. You can blame it all on AB if it makes you feel better, but your ignorance is showing. ...and I see you grabed one of my earlier posts...wanna go get some of yours from back then too? Funny thing is your mouth got REALLY quiet there for a while. Guess you were pissed about all the wins and were waitin on your chance to bitc...uh...shine. Enjoy your time, cause as AB contiues to grow and get better I\'ll be here posting my congradulations. You can think of \'em as friendly reminders. ;)

saintz08 11-27-2002 09:27 PM

Go Away Brooks Bashers
You must know some interesting people Saintsfan , I have never known a person who is a fan and roots against his own team because he does not like a player . Thats an interesting concept for sure , and one you must be real familiar with because you sure repeat it alot .

We could shoot numbers back and forth on stats , playaction completions , prevent defense yardage totals , red zone completions and on and on . Lets not , lets take one player and judge him by a basic standard .

Quarterbacks are team leaders who always...

1. skillfully moves the team up the field
2. confidently controls the exchange from center
3. cleanly offers the ball to the Running Backs
4. demonstrates consistent throwing mechanics
5. sets up to throw with their feet directly under their hips
6. throws to a spot on the field, not to a receiver
7. readily recognizes Man-To-Man from Zone Defenses.

Here is what I see :

Team leader - no sorry he does not get that one . I think some will agree Brooks leadership skills suck .
1. Brooks has his moments at moving the team , then so does Duece .
2. No fumbles at center - he gets that one .
3. Cleanly hands off the ball - he gets that one .
4. Consistent throwing mechanics - not even close . Has been a knock on him all along .
5. Throws with feet under hips - not really , maybe 50 % of the time .
6. Throws to the spot - that would be his ability to lead a receiver - nope . Deep routes with Brooks are a joke .
7. Can read defenses - no way , looks like a lost child on the field if the defense shifts .

So lets see , according to a basic Quarterbacking standard .
5 no and 3 yes .

Brooks fulfills about half the basic requirements of an NFL quarterback .

Feel free to keep me posted if he gets any better , looking forward to your friendly reminders .

SycoSurfer 11-27-2002 09:43 PM

Go Away Brooks Bashers
Saintfan was that last post directed at saintz08 or me?
I notice alot of tymes I come in with a long thought out post and no one seems to respond. Why is that? Do you ppl agree with me or can you think of nothing to defend Brooks?

I am not blaming him for every loss this year. Just like I wouldn\'t give him credit for every win. Our D has made big plays in games to win them. Last minn drives ended by a great Deffensive play and turnover. Our D has not played so good that when we take a big lead the game is over and our O has not played so bad that when we are losing we are out of it. Alot of tymes we have situations where we could finish a team and put them away and we miss the opportunity. This weekend our first 2 drives we move the ball straight down the field and both drives in the redzone 3 and out FG. If we have a 14 nothing lead Clevland is on the ropes instead they come down score a TD and have the lead.

Im not saying that AB is the only problem cause he is doing an OK job. I am just not gonna tell you he is this superstar QB cause he has alot of TD passes. He makes bad decisions and he throws alot of INTs and that hurts a team. When our D is counted on to win games we have to understand we will lose a few. Our O has proven what it can do at tymes, but lately it seems to be not clicking. Not just we are noticing it. The Browns admitted that AB didnt know what was going on and they could tell and how good did he play? AB has alot of talent and if he had half the heart or desire he had his first season with us he would make alot more ppl sleep better at night. We named him the starting QB cause he was a playmaker now he isnt. We got a long term deal for 1 player and we got a diff player playing now. AB might very well be the future of this program I am just saying that right now he is not doing alot to help this team and it looks like we are letting the season slip out of our hands. He should start the rest of the season, but he needs to play better if we are to go anywhere.

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