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rAge 05-25-2004 03:51 AM

When did we sign...
Nick Setta, rookie kicker out of Notre Dame? Most may not care, but he is a damn good kicker and the only reason he wasn't drafted is because he got injured mid-way into the season. I highly doubt Carney is going anywhere, but I hope we can keep Setta away from other teams because he could replace Carney after the season (or mid-season if he struggles).

On the same note (part-time players, AKA kickers & punters) - I see we signed Mark Mariscal again. I remember last offseason he was out-performing Burger. Shocking that nobody picked him up. There are some teams out there with awful punters and this guy was supposedly out-doing a player who should of been in the probowl.

Also funny to see that our starting Kicker & Punter went to the same school as their respective backup (Notre Dame & Colorado).

Yes, the oh-so-boring time that is May has me talking about kickers & punters. :casstet:

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