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billyh1026 11-30-2002 05:28 PM

Answers to saintfan's questions
Welp, I've been gone here just a bit and I noticed that you guys just let feces hit the proverbial fan. Since no one answered saintfan's questions 1-by-1 I figured I would. C'mon guys...all he wanted was a little love and some answers. When another guy asks questions we gotta give him answers. Girls are different. When they ask questions it could be a trick. When we ask questions well...they're questions. Anyhoo, I've answered all of them below. Copied and pasted from his original post...question first followed by the answer with a few ***'s to seperate everthin'...enjoy

You actually want to take away from AB because he has good want to reduce his ability because he has a good back or quality receivers?

No, I want the coaches to use him how he should be be used given the abilities he has. He's not a pure pocket passer. The sooner they learn this the better for everyone involved.
AB's decision making couldn't be all bad could it?

Sure it cold be but it's not.
If it were, how the heck have the Saints managed to win 7 so far?

This one is a no brainer. Take into consideration all three phases of the game, combine them together and we've had more ponts than the other team at the end of those games....that's how all American football games are decided (except for ties - which Pat Dye seems to like). p.s. someone explain the Pat Dye tie thing to the non Auburn hating people.
Can ANY of you name for me one, just ONE Quarterback that mastered the game in two years. Idiots...

You asked for it sooo here ya are:

Joe Montana drafted 1979
1981 SUPER BOWL XVI - JAN. 24 1982
San Francisco 26 Cincinnati 21

Dan Marino drafted 1983
1985 Super Bowl XIX - JAN. 20 1985
San Francisco 38, Miami 16

Please do not ask for GM's, or owners. I do know who they are you know.

And please don't call me an momma raised me better than that.
How many of you, doing whatever it is that you do for a living, can claim to KNOW IT ALL?

All of us can.
And just how long did it take you to KNOW IT ALL?

Hmmm...lemme see...well me personally, I'd say bout 3 months. Find out who are the right people in the organization - funds manager, personnel person(s), the managers who ACTUALLY know what they're doing and are running the company...get them to think you know what you're doing and VOILA!!! You KNOW IT ALL.
One year?

No - too long.
Two Years?

No - Waaaaay too long.
Maybe you're still learning about whatever it is you do for a living?

Nope, I just told you I knew it all.
Any of you ever make any mistakes?

Well sure, but one mistake every now and then is no big deal. One right after another makes you look silly.
Now wouldn't that just be somethin if you guys were's God's gift at whatever it is you do and that you mastered it in under two years?

Yah, it's pretty kewl to be honest.
If being a starting QB in the NFL was as easy as you all want to make it out to be, then how come none of YOU are doing it?

I was never given the chance to showcase my talents. Not the one's where I can touch my nose with tongue and wiggle my ears, but my QB talents. I just could only hang in there for so long until I had to make a move...I do send in a tape each year tho. The NFL has really really lost out on a talent I might add!!
AB is progressing slower than some...faster than others, and I doubt he'll be forced out of the league anytime soon only to return with some CFL experience in 10 years ala Maddux. How many of you AB bashers think that'll be the case?

Of course not! What a silly question. He'd go the way of Warren Moon if he took that route...geesh, we're not THAT dumb. Musta been a trick question
I'm lookin for a show of hands here...none? Thought so! Jerks...

I got 2!! And please, reference the idiot plea above and apply it to this jerk thing you called me.
Listen, winning in the NFL isn't easy, and to do it consistantly is even more difficult. Check the Patriot's record this season. Didn't they win it all last year?

Yah, but I-I-I just don't see the Saints connection here...hmmm Pats? Saints? Nope...I'm just not feelin it.
proping up Sloan by saying AB thows too hard is as much BS as I've heard come from one person in a long time. Get real. David stunk up the place in Detroit earlier this year. How, in your theoretically "right" minds, can you blame his crappy performance on the Quarter Back?

Ok, here goes..."theoretically" speaking that is...AB doesn't throw the ball exactly the way Sloan would like it to be thrown so he hasn't yet adjusted to AB's way of throwing it. Thereby, making it much harder to catch.....thus the drops. I'm thinking it may take two years to master this new system TE thing....or maybe that just applies to QB's... But hey..that's just me guessing.

On a side note: Quarterback used in the context of football wording as defined by Merriam Webster is 'an offensive back in football who usually lines up behind the center, calls the signals, and directs the offensive play of the team'. Being an ex-QB I like people to get that word right. Whereas, "Quarter" and "Back" are two words joined adjacently by a space in your sentence meaning 'the sum of 25 cents given in reverse'...and/or something like that just somehow doesn't fit here. Again. Just me guessing.
I'll finish by saying AB has had a lot more to do with our 7 wins than our 4 losses. Is he or will he ever be the greatest Quarter Back that ever lived?

No kidding? And you know this to be fact? Dude I need lottery numbers. Honest Injun (no offense to our Injun compadre's out there) I'll split the winnings in half with ya 60-40.
Can he win a Super Bowl? Absolutely.

Awwwww man!! I wanted to answer THIS one but, you already did!! Hey maybe I can answer it next time.
What they DON'T need is a bunch of fair weather "fans" (and I use that term loosley). Why don't you guys find something better to do?

JESUS MAN THERE AIN'T NUTIN BETTER'N BEIN A SAINTS FAN!! So ummm I don't wanna find something else to do. But I do appreciate the thought. Oh wait...that was to the fair weather bad. I've been a fan since well...since they've been here. So I'm thinkin ya don't mean me.
One last thing....I wish they'd use AB's abilities or LET ME BE THE FREAKING COACH MAN!! After all, I try every Sunday to call in the plays as it is. People keep yelling, screaming, and yada, yada, yada in tha Dome and they can't here me on the field. So all I'm asking for is a little quiet before the play starts. Spread the word please. As for the away's this whole one-way-TV-thing-coming-atcha-no-going-out-back-to-the-team deal that's holding me back. Can someone dig up the number for the away games so i can get my plays phoned in. But you give me one year and I'll give you guys a winner!!

saintz08 11-30-2002 06:53 PM

Answers to saintfan's questions
Gotta say,
I like the Montana and Marino point . It cuts the, \"and see how they are doing now\" rebuttal out . Was thinking Brady and Warner , but it is argueable about Warners Arena experience .

The pocket passer issue , I think is Brooks thing . I seem to remember commentary on the fact Brooks does not want to be thought of as a running quarterback , and it would explain his hesitation in running and how he ends his runs . Brooks kind of just stops and falls down , he does not slide or dive . If Brooks wanted to run a bootlegg or a sprint out , he could easily audible out at the line if he could read defense coverages .

saintfan 12-01-2002 09:50 AM

Answers to saintfan's questions
Nice post Billyh. Funny...especially the part about knowing it all. I might not stop laughing \'til tomorrow. Honestly, I\'m not really lookin for any \"love\", I\'d just like to see AB get a little from a few folks in here...thats all. I agree that the coaches might not be using AB exactly as they should...but that\'s another story.

On a side note, I think Montana was more of a freak of nature than someone we can fairly compare AB to...and Marino never did win the big one. If our search is for Joe Montana I think we\'re gonna be lookin for a long time.

I\'m willing to drop all this ya know...always was...but comin on here seeing the same Brooks bashing over and over is more than I can take sometimes. At least you took the time to creatively answer some of it rather than toss out bland statistics.

SaintStoneyMount 12-01-2002 10:22 AM

Answers to saintfan's questions
Well. There you have it. LOL So do we keep Brooks or get rid of him and try to draft or trade or buy a better QB?
Just yes or no. Somebody put up a poll. Let\'s vote the guy in or out and move on. I think Brooks is great. Thought the same thing about Hebert. Jakes great too. Line somebady up and snap the ball. Dale Carter\'s gonna save us all and then have a big beer bash on the lake. Yup. That\'s the rumor.

Oh yeah BTW from now on you can only use the letter Q and B to symbolize the American FootBall Term QuarterBack: ie: QB

Please forgive any typing erros I may have may as it was not my intent to make said error.

[Edited on 1/12/2002 by SaintStoneyMount]

billyh1026 12-01-2002 02:44 PM

Answers to saintfan's questions
Now now saintfan - you just asked for \"ONE Quarterback that mastered the game in two years\". No fair compairing QB\'s to QB\'s.

And SSM - I think we should get rid of AB by keeping him, trade for a drafted QB, set up a poll, vote, and sponge beer from Carter\'s party...or is perhaps keep AB by trading him, draft a traded QB, vote for setting up a poll, and sponge beer from Carter\'s party.

hmmmm....reading that I see the theme...SPONGING BEER FROM CARTER\'S PARTY!! Man we\'re Saints fans. What sets us apart from the rest is that we\'ll drink, buy a fan from another team a beer and try to convince them to be Saints fans. While they basically brag in a smug and arrogant way about how great their teams are or were at one time. All we have is the future....there was no past...well, there IS a past, but must we really bring it up???

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