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GumboBC 05-25-2004 10:34 PM

Saints highest total payroll in NFL for 2003
:o Saints had the highest total payroll in the NFL in 2003 at 95-million dollars. Second was Tampa at 88 million. Third was the Vikings at 85-million.

Anyone still think Benson is cheap?

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Boccal 05-26-2004 07:45 AM

Saints highest total payroll in NFL for 2003
Billy....Billy....Billy You guys in here still don\'t get the point about me saying that Tom is cheap. Let me Simplify this for you! Say you go into a store to by some chips, you look around and you grab a bag of Golden Flake chips even though you know that Lays are better but you just didn’t want to pay .99 instead of .79 plus the extra .01 in tax. This is the way Tom Benson and Mickey Loomis run the saints. Instead of paying a player that has proven they can hold their own 1.5 million a year, they will pay a Has been player or an unproven player 1.3 million just to save that money plus whatever else they can save on the signing bonus. Take a look at it we spend all that money and what did we get for it…I’ll tell you what we got…an 8-8 season that’s what.

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