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St.Shrume 05-26-2004 10:47 AM

Power Rankings...Saints #10??
Sportsline's Power Rankings:

10 New Orleans Saints

Does this seem high? Probably. But the talent is there to make a legitimate playoff push. Maybe they are this year's Panthers.

But if you see how he has Denver @ #2....makes you think he's on crack. But who knows?

dberce1 05-26-2004 10:51 AM

Power Rankings...Saints #10??
Seems year in and year out, the writers seem to want to have N.O. listed as a legitimate contender. That\'s b/c IT\'S ABOUT TIME WE HANDLE OUR BUSINESS!!!!

Halo 05-26-2004 11:32 AM

Power Rankings...Saints #10??
Welcome to the site!

I think most are convinced that we have the talent, it\'s the coaching that apparently cannot handle the team. Put most of these players on other teams and you have a winner. Even Aaron Brooks would be a star if he was trained to dicipline himself a bit more.

D_it_up 05-26-2004 04:55 PM

Power Rankings...Saints #10??
Welcome to B-N-G, saintswhodi! Sit back, relax, enjoy some WhoTang, and get ready for chaos. LOL.

GumboBC 05-26-2004 05:06 PM

Power Rankings...Saints #10??
Poor Haslett. The guy just can\'t catch a break ;)

To which I say, in my best monotone voice: \"Support the Haz. Support the Haz. You gotta support the Haz.\" :P

Euphoria 05-26-2004 07:23 PM

Power Rankings...Saints #10??
10 I wouldn\'t say makes the team a contender but since the high ratings they are getting could have something to do with the unknowns... unknowns seem to be fooling people, i.e. Panthers coming out of no-wheres. We added weapons and changes they have made makes the Saints the unknown. weakness in schedule also favors us.

Danno 05-26-2004 07:46 PM

Power Rankings...Saints #10??
If this poll was based strickly on talent I\'d agree with #10. It may even be a little low.

Coaching drives it down, until it can prove its improved.

I\'m in the camp that coaches also progress in every aspect of te game as well as players.
I haven\'t given up on Haz yet, but he\'s undeachieved for 2 yeas now. His time is running out.

2000 - Overachieved BIG TIME
2001 - About where we should have been, maybe a bit better
2002- Underachieved a bit, about what it should have been, considering what Ditka left us
2003- Underachieved big time.
2004 - put up or pack.

JimBone 05-27-2004 01:04 AM

Power Rankings...Saints #10??
Ten is a nice round number...high enough to not be a surprise and low enough to not be a labeled \" a team to beat\" I think it is an accurate prediction...but i also predicted Gigli would be a huge success and that something good would come out of Canada. Turns out, I\'m the chucklehead.

canucksaint 05-28-2004 02:23 PM

Power Rankings...Saints #10??

something good would come out of Canada. Turns out, I\'m the chucklehead.
HEY :mad: I take offense to that.
Lots of good things have come out of Canada! We gave you Jessie Palmer.... ok, bad example, how about Celine Dion... damn, another bad example.... Alan Thicke... Nope, how about Paul Shaffer...ok, so these are all bad examples.... I\'m sure I can think of someone good.... Oh PAMELA ANDERSON is Canadian...
I\'ll accept that apology now JimBone.

[Edited on 28/5/2004 by canucksaint]

JimBone 05-28-2004 06:34 PM

Power Rankings...Saints #10??
I will refrain from using the word sorry for now....although there are some bright spots such as Mike Myers and Jim Carrey and those guys who wrote for the show \"The Family Guy\" and ohh yeah.....hepatitis. I think that is from Canada too. It isnt that i dont like Canadians, because Canadians are a very clean people, just like the homosexuals that came over from France....I just dont really care for the country itself.

That was a good list though and i like the way you think....Keep it up and i may apologize yet.

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