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SaintNik 06-05-2004 05:48 PM

Practice Squads Increased
This year the NFL will go from 5 players to 8 players per team allowed on the practice squad. The number one purpose of this is to carry an extra QB on each teams roster who can practice and learn an NFL system throughout the course of a season. The depth and quality of the quarterback position has diminished due to the fact that in recent years most teams have carried 3 QBs on their 53 man roster and none on the practice/developmental squad. NFLE and the ARENA league have become the breeding ground of developing young quarterbacks.

As the season begins and injuries take their toll on quarterbacks league wide, look for teams to not only bring up a QB from their practice squad but also to rob one from another teams. The NFL rule says that when you sign a player from another teams practice squad he must first be placed on your 53 man roster for at least one week. This will mean teams will be forced to place their injured QB on injured reserve for the remainder of the season, or, cut another poisition player. This scenario will create more bottom of the roster churning league wide this year than we have seen in years past.

SaintNik 06-07-2004 10:40 PM

Practice Squads Increased
I forgot to mention the other important part of signing a player from another teams practice squad or bringing one up from your own. I did mention that the player has to be placed on your 53 man roster which would force a player to be cut or placed on injured reserve (out for the rest of the year) from your current 53, but I failed to mention that you can\'t just put the player back on your practice squad. You must first cut him, he must then clear waivers, then you can re-sign him to your practice squad if you choose to do so which may force you to cut a player from your existing practice squad.

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