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I told ya, yes I did...

this is a discussion within the Saints Community Forum; I like Jake.... but NO....

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I told ya, yes I did...

I like Jake....

but NO.
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I told ya, yes I did...

Ya\'ll rekon he\'s worth 12 million up front, and 38 million over 5 years?
If he continues to throw the ball up for grabs and have his WR\'s make awesome game winning catches, yes.
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I told ya, yes I did...

LOL, great post Danno, right on target!!!
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I told ya, yes I did...

WOW!! I can\'t believe the Panthers paid Jake that kind of money!! Jake got a bigger signing bonus than Brooks.

The move is cool with me. With more money comes more expectations. Jake didn\'t throw many passes last year and how he deserved that much money is beyond me. But, let\'s hope the Panthers open that high octane passing game up this year and let Jake showcase his talent.

Let Jake have to carry that offense with his passing abilities. Maybe he can do it, but I would bet money that he can\'t get the job done. Not to the extent of justifing that contract.

If Jake doesn\'t work out it could set the Panthers back for years to come. BIG, BIG, gamble, IMO.

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I told ya, yes I did...

If he continues to throw the ball up for grabs and have his WR\'s make awesome game winning catches, yes.
Yea, I am sure the Saints receiver core much prefer those shoe lace shots Brooks throws .

2003 Completion percentages

Brooks 59.1
Delhomme 59.2
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Old 06-18-2004, 09:54 AM   #16
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I told ya, yes I did...

I will say this:

No, Jake is not worth that much to me right now. I\'m sure Bilyl and Saintfan will be all over me, but I\'m honest and I call \'em like I see \'em. In my eyes, the draw of a Jake Delhomme is that he is cheap and efficient and fiery, but not overly talented or a guy who will carry the team often times. You pay a guy like that less so you can surround him with the best skill players around.

That said, right now, I would not have paid Jake that kind of money and I\'m surprised Carolina did. I hope that he becomes the next Joe Montana b/c I like the guy. I hope he proves that he is worth much more than $38M - but no, right now I think that\'s a bad move by Carolina. We\'ll see if the guy develops.

I\'ll say this - Jake\'s number his first year as a starter were better than Brooks\' numbers in his first year. So all you guys who support Brooks should logically believe that Delhomme got a fair deal. Is that what you think?

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I told ya, yes I did...

Personally, I saw thing coming a long time ago, and I\'m glad it happened. I support Brooks to be sure, but I don\'t have anything against Jake...never did. The kid plays with heart and I think he\'s worth every penny. I\'ve always liked Jake, and I\'ve really come to admire the guy after watching him play his guts out in the Big Game. He got lucky last year...often...but anybody that says he\'s not talented enough to win a game for his team isn\'t really paying attention.

Just so this doesn\'t turn into another Brooks debate, remove him from the equation for a minute and take a look around the league...not specifically at the QB\'s, but in general. There really aren\'t too many guys, in my opinion, that are honestly worth what they\'re gettin paid. There are some, but there aren\'t many. Jake comes a lot closer to being worth his salary that a lot of guys...wouldn\'t ya\'ll agree?

Rock on Jake -- but I still hope you throw 8 (or more) INT\'S against the Saints this year!


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I told ya, yes I did...

Rock on Jake -- but I still hope you throw 8 (or more) INT\'S against the Saints this year!
My sentiments exactly.
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I told ya, yes I did...

There seems to be some folks with the logic (if you can call it that) that because the Panthers went to the super bowl that Jake Delhomme deserves to be paid like a \"super bowl\" QB. But that logic is flawed -- BIG TIME!!!!!!!!

Because Jake went to the super bowl, does that mean he\'s better than Brooks? Hmmm...

Well, he must be better than Peyton Manning too, right? If not, then quit bringing up the super bowl!! That\'s just crazy logic to try and justify Delhomme\'s contract.

Jake was in a situation where he was asked not to lose most of the games. And that\'s exactly what he did most of the time. He didn\'t lose games. As a matter of fact, Jake played poorly in a lot of games last year. He got extremely luckly in a couple too.

Jake played well in about 3 games last year and that\'s it!! If some of ya\'ll want to judge a QB by the number of wins, then knock yourself out. I suppose Jake is better than Dan Marino too??

The Panthers\' success was about 10% Delhomme and 90% the rest of the team.

If the Panthers feel that Delhomme is the kind of QB that can carrry that offense, then they got a good deal if he can indeed accomplish that.

If not, they got screwed -- BIG TIME!!

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I told ya, yes I did...

I agree Gumbo, I had this argument with some at work yesterday. Just because he made it to the SB does means he deserves the top salary? Bull!!! You mean to tell me that Trent Dilfer deserves a top salary?! And he WON the SB! Fact is Jake is a solid QB that won\'t make mistakes, just like Dilfer. Dilfer went there because his defense carried the team, and Jake went there because Steven Davis carried that team with alittle help from defense, and Jake NOT screwing up. While I am still a huge Jake fan because he grew up 20 miles from me, he should not be getting the top dollar......YET!

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