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SycoSurfer 12-02-2002 03:56 PM

NO More Questions about the D!
Everyone has been questioning our D all year long. I think alot of those questions were answered. We are NOT a top 5 or 10 D in the league, but now with everyone healthy ppl will not be able to get away with alot of the things they have gotten away with before. Now that our secondary is inury free and Dale Carter back we can blitz a little more agressively and play the type of ball our D coordinator likes to play. It was starting to look better the last few weeks, and now that Carter has the rust off and the rest of the D all rising to the ocasion I think we know where they stand now as a unit. We still have problems with our zones and what not, but everyone has that problem occasionally. I think we have alot of playmakers in the secondary and a solid line. Our LBs are still the weak spot, but they will only get better. I hope anyways... Great Game!

daviddrake2 12-02-2002 07:48 PM

NO More Questions about the D!
Syco, I agree that the defense had a stellar game, but I still think the unit needs to learn how to counter the short route passing game a little better. We looked good against the Bucs (in my opinion) because they were unable to make the big plays when they needed them and we got some key turnovers. The 5-7 yard pass has hurt us all season long. But I still think we have shown improvement over the last couple of weeks. If we continue to do so (improve), this could be key to how far the SAINTS go in the playoffs.

On the other hand, our run D executed extremely well and effectively shut down their running game. I think the SAINTS showed significant improvement in that key area. This will also be a tremendous help down the stretch.

It is great to have a powerhouse offense that can put up the points, but we can only win in the playoffs if our defense can keep the opponent from matching us score for score.

But I have to admit that I liked what I saw last night and have faith that the defense we so desperately need may have finally found its rhythm.

Go SAINTS!!!!!

David in Houston

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