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bjd9044 06-09-2004 10:22 AM

• 09JUN04 Dallas Morning News on Antonio Bryant : WR Bryant's future with the Cowboys could be in jeopardy after he was involved in a brief altercation with coach Bill Parcells during Tuesday's practice. Although the Cowboys concluded their 3 day veteran mini-camp on Monday, they are participating in on-field activities the rest of the week. The witnesses said the incident occurred early in practice during team drills. It began with after Bryant being became upset with the number of repetitions he was getting during a drill. He began openly complaining, and Parcells told him to stop. After an exchange of words, Bryant took off his pads, slammed them to the ground and began to leave the practice field. Parcells followed and they exchanged more words. Several players separated the two men – Bryant had to be restrained by teammates – before the incident escalated further. The rest of practice continued without incident.
• 09JUN04 Ft. Worth Star on Antonio Bryant : Volatile 3rd year WR Bryant was kicked out of the Cowboys' practice Tuesday morning after an argument with WRs coach Todd Haley, resulting in an altercation with coach Bill Parcells. According to sources, Bryant has become frustrated with his role as the team's third receiver. His feelings boiled over in practice, with Bryant initially getting into separate arguments with Keyshawn Johnson and Haley. Parcells intervened, only to see Bryant take his jersey off and throw it on the ground. According to sources, Parcells picked up the jersey and threw it back at Bryant, who then threw it in the face of an angry and approaching Parcells. Several players jumped in between the two men. Bryant was escorted out of practice by club security.

I wonder if Bryant just became trade bait for McKenzie? Were'nt the Cowboys one of the teams bidding for him?

saintfan 06-09-2004 11:36 AM

Last I read it was us and Dallas.

bjd9044 06-09-2004 08:23 PM

Bryant would be another WR for Farve, I hope thats not the difference maker. We all know that once you make the Tuna mad he\'ll ship your butt out of town.

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