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blackangold 07-29-2012 12:02 PM

Pass Rushing Production: LBs
"One of the more interesting nuggets out of this study comes when looking at the New Orleans Saintsí linebackers. Incredibly, they have four guys who rushed the passer at least 150 times over the past three years, with one of them featuring in the Top 10 (Jonathan Casillas) and three finishing in the Bottom 10 (Vilma, Shanle and JoLonn Dunbar). It gives you a whole new appreciation for just how aggressive they were on defense, even when it was struggling to have much of an impact. To make matters worse for Saints fans, they snapped up another guy in the Bottom 10, with Curtis Lofton an ineffective blitzer"

Three Years of Pass Rushing Productivity: Linebackers |

Interesting read, apparently Casillas was the best blitzing LB we had. Guess that shouldn't be a surprise, I hope he can get the start over you know who.
Disappointing to see Lofton on the list with Shanle. Maybe being behind Bunkley (top rated DT) will help him get some pressure on the QB, but his main job is the middle of the field and stopping the run.

Rugby Saint II 07-29-2012 12:06 PM

We blitzed 50% of the time under GW.........Spags blitzes about 33% of the time.

CharityMike 07-29-2012 12:11 PM

What I learned from this...NOTHING we didn't already know. It just makes it worse to actually know the numbers.

411 pass rushing attempts=25 QB hurries/pressure/sack=yeah this guy is awesome!! So glad he is still here :rolleyes:

356 pass rushing attempts=30 QB hurries/pressure/sack=another awesome guy=why do we care if he plays this year?

Seer1 07-29-2012 12:12 PM

I'm seeing this as rather irrelevant. This is more a reflection of a system where A. the safety was the pass rusher and B. everybody and their mothers knew what was gonna happen every play. (Except the Colts) I'm much more interested in seeing our DL's sack production this year than numbers from last year's sorry D.

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