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daviddrake2 12-02-2002 08:02 PM

Did Hasslett do the right thing by playing Duece?
I don't know about you, but I think Has made the right choice when he started Duece McAllister against the Bucs last night. Even though Duece was hurt and it was obvious that he was nowhere near 100%, I firmly believe that having him in the game enabled the SAINTS to win that 'must-win' game.

Everyone knows that our Brooks needs to have a successful running game going to be really effective with the pass. Unfortunately, with Duece out, our running game is lackluster at best. So Duece's 106 yards (99 rushing + 7 receiving) made sure that the Bucs always had to guard against such an explosive weapon. That meant that Brooks could take advantage of more man coverage on his receivers and connect with Horn and Reed when he needed to.

I know that it is always a gamble when you bring a valuable player like Duece back quickly from an injury -- you run the chance of aggrevating the injury and losing them for the season -- but you have to look at last night's game as a playoff game, because there was so much riding on the outcome. Hell, we are righ back in the hunt after that win.

Because of his contributions, both directly and indirectly, Duece gets my vote for game MVP and I applaud Hasslett for having the balls to start him in such a crucial game.

Go SAINTS!!!!!

David in Houston

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whodatsaintsfan26 12-02-2002 08:43 PM

Did Hasslett do the right thing by playing Duece?
Haslett had no choice but to play Duece. Without him they lose that game. This was not a must win game. All of the other teams that were behind New Orleans lost this week. As it stands right now the Saints are 2 games ahead of the Giants with 4 to go. 3 games up on Dallas, Washington, and St. Louis. Even had they lost this week they are still in the driver seat in the standings. Dallas is Dallas and are terrible. Washington has Spurrier problems and the Rams lost Warner and Bulger this week. The Saints are in the playoffs, all they have to worry about now is their seeding. We have the tie breaker over Tampa and Atlanta has it over us. With a win against Atlanta this week it is all up in the air with each team having sweep each other. Tampa 2-0 against Atl N.O. 2-0 against T.B. and Atlanta 2-0 against N.O. This is what its all about right now.

pakowitz 12-03-2002 01:51 AM

Did Hasslett do the right thing by playing Duece?
no question about it, deuce had to play for us to have a chance to win

lsusurfer 12-03-2002 01:09 PM

Did Hasslett do the right thing by playing Duece?
Was there ever even a question about doing it! Of course he had to play.

BIGEASY504 12-04-2002 08:25 AM

Did Hasslett do the right thing by playing Duece?
We need a backup to Duece simple! I agree Haslet had no choice but to play him. He\'s proberly going to rest this week and play Sunday and it will be like that the remainder of the season while our so called backup\'s get some reps in practice. whodatsaintsfan26 hit it on the mark We just have to out right win the rest of our games and let it fall how it goes. 12-4 looks good to me.

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