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papz 08-01-2012 06:38 PM

Joe Vitt: "We're Trying to Win the Day"
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How would you describe the difference between the nickel (third) cornerback and fourth cornerback as far as their responsibilities?

“They are exactly the same. I think the third cornerback has got to be able to go in there and play nickel as does the fourth cornerback. You really want to try and get a unique skill set where, in a pinch, they can run on the outside lane and try to take away the deep ball and knock out the run. I think that’s what you look for in your third or fourth cornerback is that they can go inside, re-route a receiver, short area quickness, and pretty good against the run.”

Is there a situation, considering match ups, that you would have first and second cornerbacks, let’s say Jabari Greer or Patrick Robinson on the slot receiver?

“Absolutely. You know we have done that before. We’ve done it with Patrick. We’ve never done it with Jabari, I think because of the body-type. But the bigger-bodied corner that you have, who can stand up with the running game in there, that’s the match up that you always look for. If you have a big receiver in the slot, you may match that person up game by game. The main thing about Patrick coming out (of college) was his size. He had a second gear running down the field, but had the physicality to play inside.”

It seemed like things were really cranked up today. What do you honestly expect out of Sunday?

“I’m going day by day right now. This is a preseason game. We are trying to get better. We are trying everyday to work hard and improve. We won’t talk about Sunday until Friday. We’re still installing; we are installing offensive plays, defensive plays, and special teams situational things. We really haven’t even talked about Sunday yet. We are still in training camp mode: installing and trying to get better everyday. We have five preseason games, so this is almost like we would treat a Black and Gold scrimmage which we have every year.”

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Seer1 08-01-2012 07:35 PM

"We have five preseason games, so this is almost like we would treat a Black and Gold scrimmage which we have every year.”

Uh oh! I bet that'll make rg run to his eighteen game soapbox again!

Rugby Saint II 08-02-2012 09:57 AM

Just win baby!

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