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Wanna get real angry?

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Wanna get real angry?


:mad2: :mad2: :mad2: jerks :mad2: :mad2: :mad2:
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Wanna get real angry?

2-7 by week 10!? Yikes! I wonder why they think that? It would be interesting to hear how they made these predictions. Sure I could see how we might stink (one or two injuries on defense and offense is as inconsistent as last year), but I don\'t think that is what will happen. I don\'t know if I\'m angry so much as confused.

Isn\'t it odd how the \"experts\" have us anywhere from 2-7 to ranked 7 in the power rankings. I\'m guessing we must be a mystery team; that too is strange since we\'ve had such little turnover in players.

"... I was beating them with my eyes the whole game..." - Aaron Brooks :cool:
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Wanna get real angry?

\"Don\'t...Don\'t...Don\'t believe the hype.\" How can they be that accurate if most teams (if not all) have yet to put pads on? How can you judge a team? They must call the guys at MAdden Football and look at the team ratings and decide based on that.

IMO, 2-7 is harsh. Possible, but harsh. 7-2 is also possible, but maybe not realistic. I could see us at 5-4 or 6-3...ok even 4-6, but 2-7??? They think we can\'t beat the Chargers? 49ers?????? Arizona?? Oakland?? Wow. They really have no respect for us.

Mayeb they\'re right. It is for our team to prove them wrong. If i was HAZ i\'d print that out and post it in the locker room. Anger is a gift. Remind them of all this. Get them angry and hungry before they come out of the tunnel.
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Wanna get real angry?

Boobonic Morons.

Last years team was much closer to 10-6 than 6-10. We suffered catastrophic injuries. We had six new starters on defense. Lost the key cog on our D-line about 8 minutes into the season, etc etc.

2004 looks nothing like 2003. The coaches don\'t have to worry about a total re-construction of either side of the ball, so they can pay more attention to fundamentals.
We won\'t start the season with 1/2 our defense wondering who\'s man that was that blew past them.

The majority of this team is young and should improve. If we were loaded with older guys and we finished 8-8 and didn\'t get younger, I\'d be worried. But we\'re loaded with 2nd, 3rd and 4th year players. Which means they should all move up the skill ladder, not down.

We also play a pretty easy schedule. We have nearly all of our tough games at home, and against teams that struggle on the road.

Our offensive line is stronger than last year\'s unit, which wasn\'t bad to start with.
Our D-line will be much better, no doubt in my mind at all. Every man is young and should improve. I\'d be shocked if any of them got worse. Especially with the proven John Pease coaching them.
Our LB\'s should be improve with the addition of Watson and Grant, and moving Allen over to push Hodge.
We have solid CB\'s, albeit old.
We have possibly the best TE group in the NFL
We have possibly the best WR group in the NFC
We have a top 5 RB in the league
We have a top 10 QB
We have excellent (but erratic) special teams units.

Yep, looks like 2-7 to me!!! :casstet:

United We Stand,
Divided We Fall
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Wanna get real angry?

Great post, Danno.

I\'m not saying we\'re gonna be 9-0, but these \"analysts/experts\" obviously weren\'t even looking at our schedule through week ten.

Week one: Seattle -- Toss up. Very good Seattle team. Hassleback seems to have figured things out. I like their running game, receivers and young defense. I\'ll give this one to the Hawks for the sake of not being a homer. 0-1

Week two: San Fran -- Saints win. Too many problems in Ninerland. Rebuilding big time on offensive. They even lost a couple of starters on D (and may not have Peterson ala the Postonclan). 1-1

Week three: St. Louis -- Toss up. Do the wheels come completely for the Rams this year? I have a suspicion they will, but I\'ll give this one to the Rams. 1-2

Week four: Arizona -- I like Denny Green, and I think he\'ll be successful in Arizona. I also think he\'ll regret (for a couple of seasons) picking Fitzgerald instead of a need player. He\'ll get another chance to pick high in the draft in 05. Saints\' O is just too powerful for the defensive void that is the Cardinals. You think Denny had a rough time with D at the end in Minnesota? You ain\'t seen nothin\' yet. 2-2

Week five: Tampa Bay -- We owned them with Sapp and Lynch. We will own them without Sapp and Lynch. I\'m praying that Griese and Garner are starting by week five. Oh, what fun! 3-2

Week six: Minnesota -- Hate Randy. Hate Michael Bennett. Sure hope our D has gelled by this game. If Minnesota\'s defense has improved, they could be dangerous this year. 3-3

Week seven: Oakland -- I like Norv Turner. He\'s gonna need a year or two to get what he needs, though. If Kerry starts this game, all our d-line has to do is carry little thermoses of Hurricanes out on the field. 4-3

Week nine: San Diego -- I worry about Tomlinson, but nothing else on this team, really. Maybe Eli.... oh, wait... nevermind. They really shoulda drafted Gallery. Oh well. 5-3

And finally... Week ten: Kansas City -- I have no idea. Will the Chiefs maintain their streak this year? I dunno. I do know that if the D doesn\'t come alive this year, the team as we know it won\'t be around in 05. I\'ll give this one to the Chiefs.

5-4!! Five and Stinkin\' Four!!!! I\'m no expert, but I don\'t see any worse than 4-5 at this point.

More than anything else, Danno, you hit the nail on the head right here.

2004 looks nothing like 2003. The coaches don\'t have to worry about a total re-construction of either side of the ball, so they can pay more attention to fundamentals.
We won\'t start the season with 1/2 our defense wondering who\'s man that was that blew past them.
I\'m not saying Super Bowl right now (just hoping), but to say that this team won\'t be competitive (ie. 2-7) is just plain assinine.


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Wanna get real angry?

SEATTLE is a good team.........and one we must beat in order to win our division....
it may seem like small talk now, but seattle is a major stepping stone to prove how we will fare in the following 15 weeks......
i doubt haz will take them lightly again.
in fact, this will be the saints first playoff game (so to speak) and i look for em to come out with nothing held back.
it may be the best shoot em up, beat em up, stick it to em game the first week of the nfl.
believe it............seattle will have their hands full facing the saints this yr. swamee
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Wanna get real angry?

It doesn\'t matter what our record is: after the eighth game, we won\'t lose another one until the 2005 season. The closer we are to being at or above 500 the better, but we win it all this year. Period. I don\'t care what the experts say.
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Wanna get real angry?

I think power rankings and mock drafts are like butt-wholes... everyone has one.
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Wanna get real angry?

Actually, my little brother was born without a butthole. Be sensitive man, be sensitive. LOL
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