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pakowitz 12-03-2002 02:32 PM

satisfaction with the draft
is everyone satisifyed with the way our draft picks have played this year?!!?
opinions and analysis on each pick is welcome

1a. dante' stallworth
1b. charles grant
2. lecharles bentley
3. james allen
4. keyo craver
5. mel mitchell
6. j.t. o'sullivan

whodatsaintsfan26 12-03-2002 03:19 PM

satisfaction with the draft
The draft was great. 3 starters in your first 3 picks. I havent seen enough of Allen yet to say anything about him. Mel Mithcell has been a top 3 player on special teams this season. JT O sullivan was a waste of a pick. Craver is a ball hawk and will be a stud.

lsusurfer 12-03-2002 03:23 PM

satisfaction with the draft
The best way is maybe to rank them. Here is my rank best to worst.

1. LeCharles Bentley (Great from day one, rookie of the year)
2. Dante Stallworth (Big Play Ability, Has most potential to be great)
3. Charles Grant (Just under Dante, has gotten key turnovers, will be better next year)
4. Keyo Craver (If he would stay heathly, has a lot of potential)
5. James Allen (did get that TD versus Tampa Bay)
6. Mel Mitchell (Mel Who?)
7. JT If we need him we are toast O\'Sullivan (enough said)

SycoSurfer 12-03-2002 03:47 PM

satisfaction with the draft
Dante Stallworth- For the #1 WR in the draft he sure has bad hands... his upside is great and his big play ability is unreal, but he sure does drop alot of easy passes. I think he has great potential and lets hope he gets better. Scores alot of Big TDs and makes the big plays when we need them just wish he was more consistent, but he is a rookie so I\'m satisfied.

Charles Grant-played great for a rookie and you can see him getting better. could be the guy we need opposite Howard for the next few years. once again needs to get a lil more consistent but he is a rookie so potential is there and he will be a solid DE for years maybe not superstar but solid.

LeCharles Bentley-He is the best player we got in the draft. We needed a solid interior lineman to improve our aging veterans and we did that. Bentley can play Guard or Center and he has the attitude and fire you need to be a superstar lineman. Could make the Probowl as a rookie and alot of ppl think he will. With him and Turley as our lineman I dont think Brooks will get his helmet yanked on every again.

James Allen- He has the size and the speed to be a great OLB. He is exactly where Hodge was last year. He is making alot of plays on Special teams and he might be starting next year. He just like Hodge needs to learn a little more about the game and not run yourself out of position using too much speed and not enough angles and awareness. Potential is there lets just hope it pans out...

Keyou Craver-At tymes he was projected as a 1st Rd pick and he slipped. I am glad we picked him up and I think he will be a solid Corner challenging for a starting job next year. Without the injuries he might have got there this year, but with the injury i think it will be a little longer.

Mel Mitchell-Has made alot of special teams plays, but I dont see him getting off special teams. Maybe it is just that I havent seen him play but I think that is for a reason...

JT O\'Sullivan- I think he was worth the pick. I mean Tom Brady was a late round pick that panned out. We had no other real needs that we would fill with a late round pick. So we took a chance on a talented Division 2 QB. He had tons of talent, but was known for playing down to the competition. Now that he is in the NFL he needs to play at the top of his game to be anything. He might pan out and he might not, but is he better than Jeff Lewis? What did we lose by drafting him? Nothing so worth a shot.

I am satisfied with the draft and I hope we can continue the sucess this year with 2 first rounders again and not many holes to fill. Im thinking MLB, CB, FS, K... What does everyone else think?

pakowitz 12-03-2002 04:12 PM

satisfaction with the draft
keyo craver was projected as a first round pick but not in the 2002 draft, but in the 2001 draft, but he stayed at nebraska b/c he had a leg injury, and he thought that he would drop in the draft so he never declared, and stayed for an extra year, and we still got him in the 4th round

pakowitz 12-03-2002 04:16 PM

satisfaction with the draft
as for syco\'s ?, i am thinking LB if a good one is available, Definetly CB, if mike doss is available i would take him at saftey, even though i like the play of jake bellamy, i dont think he has played that bad, but he isnt playin up to the standards he set for himself when he was playing for seattle when he was a pro-bowler. i think Doss would be a great addition to Sammy Knight. and i like John Carney, he is a solid kicker so i dont see Y anyone would want to get rid of him, yes i know he cant kick as far as some kickers but u have to remember this man holds the record for kicking percentage, when he was in san diego he was 30-30 on FGs, 30-30!!! thats amazing, and he hasnt missed to many this year, im not sure how many but i know he is very solid for us

SycoSurfer 12-03-2002 06:19 PM

satisfaction with the draft
I am not calling for John Carney\'s head, but he is getting old (38)and he is losing his leg power. He is great inside 40 yards, but when we need a big kick late in the game he cant deliver it. If age wasnt a factor and he had a little more leg power I wouldn\'t care but he doesnt and age is a factor.

Career- Inside 20 7/7(100%), 20-30 110/115(96%) , 30-40 99/114(87%) , 40-50 79/116(68%) , 50+ 16/28(57%)

With Saints 20-30 13/13(100%), 30-40 17/18(94%), 40-50 17/22(77%) , 50+ 1/2(50%)

His stats are just like alot of kickers less % the farther out, but its the lack of a leg that makes me want a younger kicker not his production. I would be upset if we cut him and a rookie Kicker came in and struggled. I was upset when we lost Shayne Graham and kept Doug Brien. Graham had a better leg and was just as accurate, but Brien was kept cause of his past and he started to fade off and I dont miss him at all. If we have a chance to get a solid young kicker I would not mind taking him and getting him ready for the future. Carney is great but how much longer? I just dont want him to fade off like Brien...

[Edited on 4/12/2002 by SycoSurfer]

whodatsaintsfan26 12-03-2002 11:54 PM

satisfaction with the draft
I think CB should be number one prority, with LB running a close second. As far as the kicker goes they are a dime a dozen and plenty are out there on the free agent market. There are enough holes to fill the wasting a pick on a kicker shouldnt happen.

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