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TheOak 08-06-2012 06:28 AM

Source: Jonathan Vilma, Saints LB, has no NFL settlement offer
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The NFL "has made no settlement offer" to New Orleans Saints linebacker Jonathan Vilma regarding his season-long suspension for his role in a "bounty" program despite reports to the contrary, a source close to the situation told's Steve Wyche on Monday morning.
The source told Wyche that the lack of an offer does not mean a proposal might not be made in the future. reported Vilma had received an offer that would reduce his suspension to eight games on the condition that the linebacker drop his defamation lawsuit against NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell, citing sources familiar with discussions by the NFL, the NFL Players Association and the counsel for Vilma and three other suspended players.
NFL spokesman Greg Aiello said the league had no comment on the report.
The two sides are scheduled to appear before U.S. District Court Judge Ginger Berrigan on Friday. The courts have ordered the parties to engage in settlement discussions.
Vilma and Saints defensive end Will Smith (four games), now-Green Bay Packers defensive tackle Anthony Hargrove (eight games) now-Cleveland Browns linebacker Scott Fujita (three games) were all suspended for their roles in the "bounty" program, in which former Saints defensive coordinator Gregg Williams ran a system from 2009 to 2011 that rewarded defensive players for injuring or knocking opponents out of games.
Goodell told's Marc Sessler on Sunday that it was "clear" the Saints players received payments for injuring other players and that the league "would not tolerate it."

Source: Jonathan Vilma, Saints LB, has no NFL settlement offer -

sharke 08-06-2012 06:30 AM

sad face to the max

TheOak 08-06-2012 06:30 AM

My guess is that the NFL or "someone" floated the idea to see how much traction it would get or if Vilma's side would even bite.

I do feel that the NFL knows Vilma has leverage when Friday comes along and they would rather concede a little than take a loss of yardage.

This will need to play out between now and Friday

sharke 08-06-2012 06:37 AM

I'd imagine the NFL and/or goodell is more terrified of the consequential damage done if a federal court finds many a flaw in their case/investigation/ management. Makes sense for them to rule out of court.

lee909 08-06-2012 06:38 AM

Wouldn't surprise me if it was floated by either the players or NFL,see if the interest is there.
Im more concerned with getting the coaches suspensions lowered

saintsfan1976 08-06-2012 06:45 AM

Keep pushing Vilma! If they're willing to give 8, they may do the same for Payton.

jeanpierre 08-06-2012 06:51 AM

Who's the leak?

New Orleans public officials (municipal, state or federal) have the biggest mouths on the planet next to New York's...

Goodell can afford to blink here...

TheOak 08-06-2012 06:51 AM

Well.. after all... It seems that Goodells master plot to destroy the Saints for a season was a complete failure... I think he actually made a stronger team!

+100 for coon-ass resolve!!!!!!!!

(If the dawn the Black & Gold with a Fleur de Lis you are an honorary Coon-Ass.)

SmashMouth 08-06-2012 07:06 AM


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