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papz 08-07-2012 08:18 AM

Vitt Previews Joint Practices With The Patriots
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Opening Statement:

“We were a little late getting in here last night. It was probably about a two hour delay, so we probably got in here around 5:30am so we kind of moved things back today. Starting out the day, we wanted to be able to evaluate the film as coaches and then get our players to get a good run and a good lift. We went over five situations today. While our players were getting their run and their lift, we met with the New England staff to go over tomorrow’s itinerary. I am going to announce that tomorrow morning myself, Mickey (Loomis), Spags (Steve Spagnuolo), Ken Flajole and Caoch (Bill) Belichick will be attending the memorial service for Andy Reid’s son. We’ll get back here hopefully in time for the afternoon practice. We did make some roster moves today. We signed WR Kevin Hardy and LB Ramon Humber, who was on our team last year. We waived Laron Scott and Scott Winnewisser. Today so far has been a very productive day. Tonight, we have to get into meetings. We have to go grind the film with the players on yesterday’s game. We’ll have a 9:30 snack and an 11:00 bed check and then we’ll start tomorrow.”

After getting your first game under your belt, how do you feel going into tomorrow about what you need to emphasize these next two days?

“Today, we got some good work on situational things. When you’re going against New England, they’re a real good screen team which we’re going to get work on. They’re a real good empty team, which is no backs and potentially two tight ends and three wide receivers, which we have not gotten work on yet. I think for our defense, they face Drew Brees every day and now they get a chance to go against Tom Brady and a quality set of wide receivers. Defensively, they’re going to give us an even front and an odd front, which is going to give us great work. Obviously, we’re going against a class and elite football team and a class organization. We had great work with them before, so we anticipate the same now.”

Do you put down the ground rules with the coaches from New England prior to practice like full contact?

“(It will be) full go up. This is a game of angles and timing, so we want to practice quick, we want to practice with a great tempo, we’re staying away from the quarterbacks and then proper angles to the ball. We want to practice smart. I anticipate these practices against New England to be the same as you see when we go against one another.”

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homerj07 08-07-2012 05:04 PM

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