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mutusos 12-04-2002 01:41 PM

Brooks Mechanics or is it the qb coach?
Excuse me but I could no longer sit in the shadows much longer. There are some things I must stress so be patient with me please don't insult me for a difference of opinion. To start out with Brooks I must give credit too for playing hurt. But on a more critical point of veiw he seems to wait to long when theres nothing there when he should just run. Gee has he ever heard of running and than slide. What happened to the Brooks we know that ran 100 yards against San Fran than passed for 400 against Oakland. Brooks other problems is fading back when there is pressure like in tampa where he faded back a couple times and took a sack. In that case why doesn't the qb coach recognise this and put brooks in the shotgun when playing dominating defenses. Brooks can than see what is front of him and if he sees the defense coming into his comfort zone he can throw it away or scramble. :casstet:

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