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mutusos 12-04-2002 03:30 PM

game plan vs ravens
keys to success

1) get pressure on qb

2) show jeff blake different stunts and blitz packages.

3) get them into 3rd and long so you can bring out the exotix blitz packages thayt teams have nightmares about.

4) keep the penalties down to a miminum

5) no turn overs brooks must protect the ball

6) being able to play in the cold wear long johns the thermal kind

7) beind able to keep the ravens from developing any kind of running game lewis must be stopped!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

8) double team heap

9) brooks can't fade back ten yards and take the sack

10) if the saints have the lead use good clock management and pound the ball away to eat the clock.

11) give D a break bye running receivers must step up too

baltimore has nothing if you can doeble team heap and stop the run!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

saintfan 12-04-2002 03:33 PM

game plan vs ravens
We\'ve never beaten the Ravens and they haven\'t beaten an NFC team all year. Sumthin\' gonna have to break loose!

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