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GumboBC 07-01-2004 11:28 PM

D.J. Boyer of - Recap.

Saints are in a pretty good position. Brooks was at cross roads last year but responded well. Thinks Brooks fumbling problem was a one-time thing.

Saints receivers: Needs more consistency and need to stay healthy.

Will Smith is a player and a good pick-up. Will Smith fits the defense. Slid a little further in the draft than he thought. Saints have one of the better defensive lines in the league as far as talent and youth. Should be good for a long time.

Courtney Watson was the fastest MLB in the draft and has always been a good tackler. But, has always like Cie Grant and thinks Cie is more of a true MLB than Courtney Watson. Looks for Cie to be the starting MLB. D.J. was very high on Cie Grant.

Tebucky Jones: Thinks Saints might have made a mistake signing him. Has to step up this year or he thinks that will show he needs to be replaced.

Stopping the run is the key to the Saints defense. When Darren Howard got injured it allowed teams to double team Sullivan and whoever else was playing DT. Saints DT’s were double-teamed 3rd most in the entire NFL allowing teams to run straight through the middle of defensive line. With a healthy Howard, Grant, and Will Smith, that should not be the case this year.

Cie Grant could hold the future of the Saints run defense in his hands.

Saints should compete with Panthers for division.

Mike McKenzie – Defiantly see him in another uniform this year. Might become a bidding war between Saints and Falcons. Atlanta looks to be front-runner but Saints a close second.

Free agents – Redskins did excellent job.

Eagles: Terrell Owens was a great signing but Jevone Kearse was probably the biggest pick up for the Eagles. Jeff Blake was a good choice for a back-up. Has the arm to throw the ball downfield. Eagles might turn into more of a running offense with the acquistion of shawn Andrews

Kurt Warner should start but Eli will probably start about mid season.
Parcells: Drew Henson could be a surprise at QB. Don’t see him making an impact this season, though. But, will carry the torch next season. Just about the whole offense was overhauled in the off-season.

Browns: Jeff Garcia. AFC north most wide open division. Browns if they can stop the run might win division. Have an easy schedule. Have the talent and might fly under the radar. Maybe a 10 win season.

Dolphins: Lots of players in trouble with law in off season. If Ricky William is suspended- Travis Minor is the best back-up runningback. AJ Feely will do well at qb. Jeno James OG from Panthers was a big pickup. Miami could finish last in their division.

Jets can challenge Patriots for division.

Rams: Might be end of the road for Mike Martz. Martz has made too many blunders and is on the hot seat. Lovie Smith was a big loss and Rams will struggle on defense. Grant Winstrum is gone. No one to put pressure on QB. Looks for Rams to really drop off this year.

Bengals: QB will be Carson Palmer. One of better receiving corp in NFL. Chad Johnson is premier receiver in AFC, even better than Marrivan Harrison. Bengals about a year away from winning division. Corry Dillion being gone is a blessing. Dillion needed a change of scenery.

Raiders: Signed 4 players of 30 years are older. Sees a desperate team. Sees them and the Chargers as fighting it out for last place in division. Norv Turner is not a big disciplinarian.

Ravens: Kordell Stewart can contribute. Kyle Boller is the guy. Ravens should win division with their great defense. Might make a run to super bowl. Dale Carter probably wont’ make a big splash. Sees Dale in a very limited role. Ravens have best defense in NFL

Falcons: Jim Mora Jr. putting up smoke screen for Vick by saying they don’t want him to run. When push comes to shove Vick will be the same running Vick. Defense is key to Falcons success. Had best draft in NFL but will take a couple of years. Needs to make a decision of starting RB between. Sees Falcons as an 8-8 team.

Panthers: Has best defensive tackle in Chris Jenkins. Have good blend of running and passing. Receivers are one of best combos in NFC beating one on one coverage.

Patriots are showing how important the NFL draft is. Free agency is not the best way to go. They get their rookies to step up. Doesn’t make difference what round they draft guys in- they contribute. Players can play different positions and are a very deep football team.

Tampa – Big drop off this season. Defense won’t be the same. Darrell Russell – You can stick a fork in him..he’s done. Simeon Rice will probably be less effective – will draw double teams.

Redskins: Offensive line not good. Offense will struggle too much this year for them to have too much success.

WhoDat 07-02-2004 11:30 AM

D.J. Boyer of - Recap.

Saints should compete with Panthers for division.
That\'s great to hear.


Tampa – Big drop off this season. Defense won’t be the same. Darrell Russell – You can stick a fork in him..he’s done. Simeon Rice will probably be less effective – will draw double teams.
Didn\'t I say tyhe same thing a few days ago? ;) No really, I agree. I don\'t know if the team record will drop off significantly, but the defense will decline.


Jets can challenge Patriots for division.
Good thing I picked them as my surprise team to make the playoffs! Hehehe. I like this guy. More of him please. ;)

GumboBC 07-02-2004 11:35 AM

D.J. Boyer of - Recap.
WhoDat --

Yeah, D.J. Boyer really impressed me. This guy really does his homework. He was just rattling stuff off the top of is head about EVERY team. He\'s got his own site as well as about 10 more that he contributes to.

I read some of his predictions from last year and he\'s closer anyone else I\'ve seen..

Here are a couple of his sites:

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