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GumboBC 07-02-2004 08:34 AM

The Team Concept
The Team Concept

Well we are less than three months away from kickoff for the 2004 NFL season and it is time to start looking at the field of 32 and picking the favorites from each conference to head to the Super Bowl. You have to figure the favorite to be New England in the AFC, they are the defending champions and after acquiring the rights to Corey Dillon it looks like their roster is stronger. In the NFC, Philadelphia is mentioned as the favorite. Terrell Owens has supposedly put the Eagles over the top with actual talent at wide receiver. Will one of these teams win the Super Bowl?

No they won’t.

This seems to happen to the media and the fans every year. We always talk about the best teams from a year ago and immediately anoint them as possible champions without looking at the other teams in the league. Hasn’t history shown us over the last five years that to find a champion you have to look in the middle of the pack or the bottom of the standings from the previous year to find your winner? Yet over 75% of the football fans around the globe have already given the Lombardi Trophy back to the Patriots, hell why even bother to play the season.

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