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SaintNik 07-11-2004 06:46 PM

Saints/Seahawks Preview
Seahawks beat writer Scott Eklund takes a look at their first regular season opponent, the New Orleans Saints in his collumn below:

For the most part I found this to be a pretty good assessment of the Saints coming from someone that covers another team. However, I did take exception to a few of his comments.

"Horn’s biggest problem is his attitude"

(Joe doesn't have a bad attitude at all. He could be described as confident,outspoken, cocky, or even arrogant, but, a guy that is a team leader who played the entire year on a bum knee is not someone that has an attitude problem.)

"Dante Stallworth has been a disappointment in his three seasons."

(Spells name wrong. Donte' has only been in the league for 2 seasons with the 2004 campain being his upcoming third.)

"Devrey Henderson"

(Spelling of Devery)

"Deuce McAllister needs to work on taking care of the ball more"

(While on the surface this may look to be true, you don't get the feeling that #26 is a fumble prone ball carrier while watching him play. He had 3 phantom fumbles last year. The Brooks didn't get it to him fumble at the goal line against Philly fumble. The strip from behind at just before entering the endzone fumble and the 4th and one leap fumble. Compare his fumbles to carries to let's say R.W.)

"Four-year veteran Darren Howard added five sacks and while he was solid, the Saints are looking for more production from the strongside defensive end position. Rookie DE Will Smith inexplicably fell to the Saints in the latter part of the first round in February and he is expected to push Howard for playing time sooner rather than later."

(He fails to mention that Howard missed most of the year due to injury and was a beast upon his return. Rookie Will Smith won't be pushing Howard for playing time, rather, the coaching staff intends to rotate Smith in the lineup with Howard and Grant to keep them all fresh and get him on the field on passing downs.)

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