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papz 08-23-2012 07:08 PM

Drew Brees Discusses Kromer, Collaborative Coaching Effort
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Do you think it was best that Pete Carmichael stayed in his position as opposed to being the new interim head coach?

“If you just look at it from an outsider’s perspective, you have the offensive coordinator Pete Carmichael who can really focus on calling the plays. You have the defensive coordinator Steve Spagnuolo able to really focus on calling the defense. Then you have Aaron Kromer who is still very involved with the offensive line but has some added responsibilities in regards to what a head coach would need to do. There are decisions that need to be made and probably mainly on gameday. You are walking the sidelines, in the middle of the communications and ready to throw the red flag - just some of those little things. We also have people who can fill roles like (Offensive Assistant/Offensive Line) Frank Smith who has been with the offensive line now for a couple of years. He can help supplement when Kromer now takes on in head coaching role.”

Have you seen your role increase at all this season?

“No, here is the thing – something I have always been humbled by and take as a big responsibility with is the fact that I do get asked my opinion a lot, in regards to the schedule or big decisions and I appreciate that. Even if it’s just to get my input, my take or in a lot of cases Sean Payton would call me aside and say ‘What’s the pulse of this team right now? How are guys feeling?’ It might be as we are going out for a fourth, hardcore, padded training camp practice and I might say ‘Hey coach, it’s about that time that (we lighten it up).’ So then next practice we come out in shells and throw the guys a bone. Little things like that that I have been included in along the way and I appreciate that. I obviously try to give the best input that I can.”

Just those things you discussed – not the playbook?

“I get input on the playbook too (laughter).”

Has your input on the playbook increased without Sean Payton here?

“No, I would say that has been about the same. Here is the thing, in almost every meeting I have had with Sean (Payton), Pete Carmichael and Joe Lombardi are right there next to me. If you remove Sean from the picture, there is still a lot of consistency.”

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