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themightyduck 07-14-2004 11:36 PM

Receiver Corps Questions
I've heard just about every media source say that the Saints' receiving corps is one of the deepest in the league when it comes to talent. We have a Pro-Bowl caliber receiver in Joe Horn, amazing speed in Donte' Stallworth and Devery Henderson, and proven skills in Jerome Pathon and Germane Crowell.

But I believe that this corps is pretty overrated...

Horn had his worst performance as a Saint last year; his stats dropped in every category. At 32, his best days are gone, and the beginning of the end is starting for Joe. Not to mention his ego has skyrocketed ever since the cell phone celebration...

Stallworth, in my view, is the team's best receiver. He's had touchdowns in almost every game he's played in, and there's nowhere to go but up for him. Of course, he can only reach this potential if that hamstring never bothers him again... But based on mini-camp reports, he should be better than ever going into training camp.

While Pathon is a proven and reliable backup, he's just that: a backup. He's been a backup throughout his career, and has only made minor contributions to the team.

Crowell had a breakout season with Detroit in 1999, but that's been about it. The rest of his career has been hampered with injuries. He'll probably never in a million years come remotely close to those '99 numbers. He's an emergency backup behind Pathon at best.

Devery excites me. Like Donte' he's got incredible speed and catching abilities. But like any NFL rookie, he's gotta prove that he's NFL material. That won't be easy considering the talent around him...

I consider myself a pessimist when it comes to the Saints this year, but I want to hear others' opinions on the receiving corps this year.

JKool 07-16-2004 01:59 AM

Receiver Corps Questions
Interesting post TMD.

It has been assumed that this will be our best WR group ever, but that is rarely questioned.

I have to cavil with some points though:
(1) Henderson\'s hands are NOT good. In fact, virtually every report says this is where he must improve; that and his immaturity when it comes to running routes. He will probably be a very good WR, but not for a few years. I suspect that if he sees the field this year it will probably be for his PR skills, and merely as a back up.

(2) Crowell has been injured a lot, but he has good size and he DOES have soft hands. I think he\'ll have an excellent year.

(3) Horn\'s numbers may be down, but he\'s not out. I don\'t think his attitude is any worse than it has ever been. He\'s always been a talker - that is unlikely to change. I don\'t think he\'ll be here after next year, but the structure of his contract means that he\'ll have a lot to prove this year. Joe Horn will be the shiznit this year.

(4) I like Stallworth a lot, but he still has to stay on the field. He did NOT do a good job of playing through the pain last year. I think he is one of the biggest question marks.

(5) I know this is becoming unpopular, but I think that Pathon still may be traded to land us a CB that is worthwhile.

I think WR is a strength for the team this year. I also think that Gardner will step up and be productive this season.

saintfanatic 07-16-2004 06:06 AM

Receiver Corps Questions
:casstet: Wow - I cannot believe you are more excited about Stallworth than Horn.
I agree that Horn in older and Stallworth has great potential - But....
The difference is Joe has produced on the field and Stallworth can\'t stay on the field.
I predict that Joe Horn will out produce Stallworth again this year.
You remind me again that a lot of us want to project greatness on player that have not produced and give that as evidence as to how the Saints will be better this year.
(i.e. – Linebacker, D Line) :casstet:
Be sure to save this post -

Danno 07-16-2004 07:07 AM

Receiver Corps Questions
Welcome aboard duck!

Gotta give my 2 cents.

Horn-Egotistical me-me warrior who will probably still win more games for us than hurt us next year. He is on the downside of his carreer, but his contract won\'t kill us until 2005. He knows this so basically 2004 will be his \"contract\" year. I look for him to have a sensational year and put up big numbers to land a big contract next year somewhere.

Stallworth-If the conditioning reports are right, he could be on the launching pad to starsville. Injuries aside I see his biggest problem is his hands. Devery catches the ball better than Stallworth did last year. He has stiff hands. But I\'ve read where thats quite correctable with good coaching. The 6 year end-loaded contract was a brilliant decision. He\'s also still young. This would only be his 2nd year if he didn\'t come out early.

Pathon-A very good #2,#3 WR. I think we\'d be better off keeping him because I don\'t think we\'d get much for a perrineal #2/#3WR. He\'s not afraid of going over the middle either. I like him and hope we keep him. But I\'d still listen to any offers.

Henderson-I didn\'t see but a handful of LSU games but I\'ve read ever since this kid switched to WR he\'s gotten better and better every year. I see no reason to conclude that he won\'t continue to improve. The hands issue is a problem for EVERY rookie WR making the jump to the NFL so I believe its much ado about nuttin. Just something else for the pessimists to harp on.

Crowell-IF IF IF... Man if this kid is truly recovered from his 2 year knee injury he may be an absolute steal for us. My only concern is that he could be one awkward twist away from the IR. I\'m excited about him, but cautious.

Gardner-Last year he looked like most rookie WR\'s look. I\'m anxious to see what he does in camp. He has all the tools to become a star, but all the past baggage to flop.

Lewis-Even though he impressed me tremendously last year with his progress as a WR, I\'m very skeptical. His east-west returns are gonna get him benched or cut. He better impress in camp or Gardner may take his spot. BTW, Lewis\' catching skills improved drastically in a span of about 1-1/2 years. Who\'s to say Hendersons won\'t.

dberce1 07-16-2004 08:25 AM

Receiver Corps Questions
It seems to me, as I go to different Saints boards, that peoples feelings toward Joe Horn have changed as of late. He did have an off year last year, but so did the entire wr squad, not to mention the entire team. Now he\'s labeled cocky, arrogant, selfish, ect.....Let\'s not forget what he\'s done for this club. Not since Eric Martin have we had a perennial pro bowl receiver on the team. He\'s sweated blood for us, and hopefully folks don\'t forget that.

On another note, I\'ll be happy to steal Donte in the later rounds of my fantasy league, hopefully he\'ll have a monster season.

themightyduck 07-16-2004 11:05 AM

Receiver Corps Questions
Don\'t get me wrong, I love Joe. He\'s the best receiver on the team. But I\'m still not confident that Joe will put it all together ever again. Once players get into their 30\'s, I\'ve noticed, they never really recover. For example, against the Titans last year, Joe dropped a perfectly thrown bomb from Aaron that would\'ve been an easy TD. Not to mention he didn\'t have a CB within 5 yards on him.
That was the 1st time I\'d ever seen him drop such a great pass, and I\'m afraid that this is the beginning of the end...

As for Crowell, all I can say is that a major knee injury like his is the worst injury that a receiver could have. But I\'d love to see him succeed again with us, because he had so much potential.

I have to agree with danno on Devery. Good coaching should fix his catching problems. I think our new receiver coach will really whip him into shape.

It seems that almost every receiver has some issue that may hamper him.
Horn - aging
Donte\' - underacheiving
Crowell - recovering
Devery - learning fundamentals
Pathon - backup at best

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