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Danno 07-16-2004 01:03 PM

Best Training Camp Battles
What are the training camp battles you are most looking forward to?
Here's my list.

1. MLB-I think its safe to say this is probably atop everyone's list. I think we all hope Grant or Watson win the spot over Ruff, and the loser slides over to WLB to learn under Rodgers for about 1/2 the season, then takes it over by seasons end.

2. WR-I'm personally anxious to see what develops. We'll probably only keep 6 so somebody is gonna get cut or traded.I can't wait to see how Crowell's progressed. I also want to see if Gardner may snatch a spot, or flop.

3. SS-I want to see how Mitchell looks. I'm OK with Bellamy there, but there was a reason he put Bellamy on the bench last year. If he wins it, I feel really good about our SS spot.

4. SLB-With Allen moving over there to compete with Hodge, I'm hoping both players step up their game a notch or two. Allen is a better fit at SLB than WLB but this staff doesn't exactly have the best track record developing LB's so I'm cautiously optimistic (a realist if you will).

5. FB-I feel Gash was signed just in case we couldn't draft or sign a young replacement. With the addition of this Curran kid (who I know nothing about) it should be very interesting. I'm thinking Gash doesn't make the team now. Keeping two FB's may mean we only keep 3 TE's so Hilton's spot may be in jeopardy. I think they want to keep Hall as a blocking TE so it should get pretty competitive.
But it may come down to who they feel they can slip on the practice squad. If they try to slip Hilton on it I feel he won't clear waivers. Curran might be the guy they put on the PS.

dberce1 07-16-2004 02:39 PM

Best Training Camp Battles
All agreed. Definitely think the spot under the microscope is our glaring need for MLB (CB too, but we know how that went). I\'m pulling for the rook, I\'ve read/heard nothing but good things about him!!

themightyduck 07-16-2004 02:57 PM

Best Training Camp Battles
MLB - I really worry about putting Watson in right away. He\'ll be awesome next year, no doubt. The only problem I have with that is that he\'s a rookie. To be on the safe side, he should rotate in with Ruff to get a good feel at MLB.
I\'ve never seen much of Cie Grant, so I won\'t say anything on him.

FB - Sam Gash is a JOKE. I would be shocked if he made the cut. He\'s old and he just finished a surgery. What more do I need to say about him? Dan Curran was awesome with the VooDoo, but no one knows if he\'ll make the transition to the NFL well. Mike Karney is my favorite at this position. He works hard, is dedicated, and is full of potential. He should start around mid-season.

OLB - I\'d give Allen a shot only because Hodge has been a disappointment...

CB - The positions here are pretty much set, but I know nothing about Fakhir Brown. Who does?

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