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Basset 12-05-2002 11:02 PM

Saints fans in Cincinnati
Are there any Saints fans in Cincinnati other than me? I'll be taking my 9 yr old son to his first Saints game (and pro game) on the 22nd in Cinci and I figured I would try to find some other local Saints fans.

Keith in Cincinnati

saintz08 12-06-2002 09:31 AM

Saints fans in Cincinnati
Here you go Basset

Pulled this registry off another site , they all bleed Black and Gold .

Name Handle Current Location Email Address
Bergeron, Brennan brennan77 Steubenville, OH
Butch ???, OH
Cross, John Columbus, OH
Davis, Cary Hartville, OH
Fisher, Quentin Q-man Orrville, OH
Friedman, Brian OhioSaint Columbus, OH
Friedman, Brian OhioSaint Columbus, OH
Hill, Keith Pocket Hercules Lancaster, OH
Honeycutt, Becky Saint Baby Cincinnati, OH
Jergens, Logan Dayton, OH saint fan56@aol
Josh, Kelly , OH
Kelly, Joshua Josh Oregon, OH
Lara, Andreux Troy, OH
Lewis, Scott Dayton, OH
Liptak, Jude Tacker Poland, OH
Losure, Nathan who-dat? Cincinnati, OH
mberry bless dem boys Cleveland, OH
McCartney, M. Toledo, OH
Merillat, Dave Pinball Fayette, OH
Mitch Price34 Van Wert, OH
Pickett, Joel ticantin Greenville, OH
Radel, James Columbus, OH
Stasiak, Russ Toledo, OH
Stuart, Ken Stu Dog Dayton, OH
Super, Christian Cincinnati, OH
Sweeney, Deryl II Cincinnati, OH
Tommy D saintd Thurston, OH
Tony smokydogjoe Van Wert, OH
Williams, Jim Renegade Saint Toledo, OH
Willison, Jay Jax Columbus, OH
Zarate, Jason Saint77 Columbus, OH

Hope your son has a great time .

daviddrake2 12-06-2002 11:52 AM

Saints fans in Cincinnati
Nice work saintz08.

saintz08 12-06-2002 01:59 PM

Saints fans in Cincinnati
And the critics say we do not have regional support .

Yeah , right .

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