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pakowitz 12-05-2002 11:40 PM

Deuce left ouf of the Probowl?!!?! reports that RB Deuce McAllister, who went over the 1,000-yard mark in rushing in the victory over the Buccaneers, is eighth overall in NFC balloting with 501,369 votes. The Rams' Marshall Faulk leads NFC running backs with 531,286 tallies, we need to vote for our players!!!! we have to get Deuce on the pro bowl team

vote here:

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saintz08 12-06-2002 12:17 AM

Deuce left ouf of the Probowl?!!?!
That is rather humorous too .
Considering Duece leads the NFC in total rushing yards .The coaches ballot will square up things and do not forget the sportscasters ballot .

pakowitz 12-06-2002 12:22 AM

Deuce left ouf of the Probowl?!!?!
when i first saw that i was just dumb-founded. faulk is a good back but to lead the NFC in pro bowl voting after missing the last 2 games and not playing as he had in the past is a tragedy against deuce and the rest of the NFC backs

saintz08 12-06-2002 12:30 AM

Deuce left ouf of the Probowl?!!?!
Faulk is an NFL pet .

Same as Vick and Moss . Did they ever do anything about Moss and his little incident ??

whodatsaintsfan26 12-06-2002 01:00 AM

Deuce left ouf of the Probowl?!!?!
They paid for defensive driving didnt they??

saintz08 12-06-2002 09:21 AM

Deuce left ouf of the Probowl?!!?!
Was that defensive driving as , he gets out and pushes the officer ??

What about the wacky tobacky ??

nocloning 12-07-2002 08:29 AM

Deuce left ouf of the Probowl?!!?!
The thread title may be a little misleading. Deuce is going to the Probowl. Period.
He may not be the starter, but he\'s the second-leading vote-getter for running backs in the NFC, three are going. I can\'t think of two backs who will overtake him.
Faulk had some good games during the Rams winning streak, plus he has to work around a seriously banged up offensive line.
Deuce is having a great year, but there\'s always the matter of sympathies which build up over years (remember Grant Hill being voted to the All-Star-Game although he didn\'t play a game that season?).
Deuce or Marshall? I voted for both and if I had them both on the team I wouldn\'t know who I would name starter.

billyh1026 12-07-2002 03:11 PM

Deuce left ouf of the Probowl?!!?!
Deuce McAllister Ahman Green GB Marshall Faulk STL will be the three unless something drastic happens to one of them. Everyone knows it\'s a beauty pageant for the most part. There were a few years when Roaf went that someone else deserved it more than him. Turley should\'ve been a few times too but, hey.....

daviddrake2 12-08-2002 07:22 PM

Deuce left ouf of the Probowl?!!?!
Duece\'s performance today against the Ravens showed that he is truly a Probowler, whether or not the rest of the NFL fans around the country choose to vote him in or not.

I know he\'ll get the votes he needs to get in, I just hope that enough of the right people realize that he is the man you want to carry the ball for you when it counts. If so, he should get a lot of playing time in the Probowl.

Go Duece!!!!!

Go SAINTS!!!!!

David in Houston

SaintStoneyMount 12-10-2002 06:58 PM

Deuce left ouf of the Probowl?!!?!
The only \"bowl\" Deuce is worried about right now is the Super one.

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