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WhoDat!656 09-06-2012 03:31 AM

Sean Payton: Itís frustrating to hear things that arenít true
Sean Payton, the Saints head coach whoís suspended for the season because of the teamís bounty program, says the most difficult thing heís gone through is hearing himself portrayed in a way that he says is inaccurate.

In a wide-ranging interview with the New Orleans Times-Picayune, Payton said he has stayed relatively quiet because he thinks thatís the right approach to his time off, but that hasnít been easy because there have been times he wanted to speak up.

ďListen, itís hard to do,Ē Payton said. ďAnd weíre in a much different position than the players, in regards to players having a union. I think ultimately our goal is to get reinstated at the right time. Yeah, itís frustrating at times to sit back and hear a lot of things that have been painted in a certain way that you know arenít true. But that being said, I support every one of those guys and pay close attention to whatís going on with Jon and the rest of those players and Mickey [Loomis] and Joe [Vitt] and everyone.Ē

Payton didnít explain exactly what he has heard that he knows isnít true, and itís been widely reported that part of the reason Paytonís punishment was so severe is exactly because he didnít speak up and explain to the league office exactly what was happening when the NFL first began investigating the Saintsí bounty program. But Payton says thatís incorrect.

ďNo. We tried to do everything possible to show as much as cooperation as possible,Ē Payton said.

Payton also said he has no hope of being reinstated before his suspension is scheduled to end, after the Super Bowl.

ďNo, thatís nothing that Iím aware of or that Iím anticipating,Ē Payton said of early reinstatement.

So Payton will sit out the entire season, watching the Saints on TV and coaching only as the offensive coordinator for his sixth-grade sonís youth team.

Sean Payton: It’s frustrating to hear things that aren’t true | ProFootballTalk

saintsfan1976 09-06-2012 06:24 AM

Re: Sean Payton: Itís frustrating to hear things that arenít true
Sean may be on the sidelines but the fight for justice continues.

It may not be this week or this month or this year but the players and organization will be vindicated.

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