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papz 09-15-2012 07:39 AM

Coordinators Break Down Defensive, Offensive Sides of The Ball
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Were you surprised by the difficulties the defense had of trying to slow the Redskins down?

ďWe all to a man on defense feel like we let the football team down. You score 32 points you should win the football game, so we all feel that. I personally feel like I let Mr. Benson down, Sean (Payton), Joe (Vitt), the whole team here. We feel that. Thatís a great motivator in my opinion, so hopefully with a strong week of practice and some prideful men, which I do think we have, we can get it straightened out. Having said that, I am going to credit the Washington Redskins, their quarterback and what they did. It was a challenge to play them the very first game. It was no question. We talked last week when you guys were here of really having no idea of where they were going to go, which direction they would take the offense on that football team. You have a great coach (Mike Shanahan) over there, his son (Kyle Shanahan) does a good job. Iíll give them a lot of credit. The bottom line is we had some opportunities to make some plays, we didnítí. We didnít change the game.Ē

It seemed like a bright spot was Cam Jordan. Where is he in his development?

ďIím glad you brought that up. I agree with you 100 percent. He has been like that all training camp. He has been climbing steadily as a good football player. I actually mentioned that before the game and I did think he played very solid. That will help us. We need that. We need all our guys now to continue to do this. The more guys we have going backwards, myself included, the worse off weíre going to be. Cam is one of those guys who has certainly stepped up.Ē

Can you discuss the challenge in preparing for Cam Newton?

ďItís similar to last week, although I have not had the fortune or misfortune of having to coach against him yet so far. You hear a lot about him and then you put the tape in and really study him. Heís as talented a guy as Iíve seen back there. He stays on spot in the pocket. He doesnít get rattled. He has a command of everything. Heís not afraid to tuck the ball in and run with it like a fullback. He possesses a lot of different challenges. There are some similarities to last week. In some ways that helps. The struggle we have and itsí nobodyís fault, is when we try to face a totally different offense with our scout team trying to simulate everything, they do itís a challenge. It slows everything down. Our guys get slow. I think our guys fought through it. I thought we had a great tempo at practice yesterday. Fridayís a different day. One thing is we had a lot of live snaps last Sunday in this offense. Hopefully it will pay off.Ē

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