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Ashley 09-20-2012 09:50 AM

Re: Gregg Williamsí NFL career likely is over
Screw him, he's a little rat. Dirt bag, and just a plain idiot

sharke 09-20-2012 10:49 AM

Re: Gregg Williamsí NFL career likely is over
f*ck Gregg Williams

lumm0x 09-20-2012 11:08 AM

Re: Gregg Williamsí NFL career likely is over
I honestly do not care about him anymore. What's done is done. I said right after we won our Super Bowl, which I never thought I'd see in my lifetime, that it completed me as a fan. Anything else was gravy to me. In fact the team never had to win another game ever again and it could not deflate that for me. Gregg Williams was a part of that and I thank him for it.

He was not doing anything he didn't do anywhere else nor that wasn't going on everywhere else. I don't want to hear one more hypocrite say that every football program, pro, college, high school, etc. has not at some time had players or coaches drop some non-official compensation for a good play or paid for outstanding performance in some way or another that would be deemed outside normal practice. Bottom line, we and everyone else out there has always had these CBA/salary cap violating things occur. If we deserve punishment for that and have to fall on the sword for everyone because of it then so be it. And likewise, it is the same hypocracy that is spouted that there is no intent to injure players elsewhere in our league or any.

I had high school coaches offer a case of beer to anyone who takes the opposing QB out of the game. Many former players have flat out admitted it's been a long history of the game. I talked with a former player and member of the HOF about 2 weeks ago, and I'll not name names, but he told me he wanted someone's head on the ground on every play. He always wanted to injure a player and needed no compensation to want it. It is an intrinsic part of the sport. You hit to hurt and defeat your opponent through physicality. People need to stop denying this. Of course you have to walk the political line and for the cameras state good sportsmanship, but you play like a possessed demon and hope you cart off everyone when playing within the rules of the game. Hurting someone through an illegal act such as targetting a knee of a crack block isn't cool. Meeting a back shoulder first in the hole and having him broken and unable to keep rushing is just damn good football.

Gregg Williams had 2 choices. I think he acted out of spite against those that showed him no loyalty and is doing the same in return.

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