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Danno 08-02-2004 12:00 PM

TC 1st weekend Optimism/Pessimism
After reading 6 zillions articles about the first few days of training camp it appears there seems to be reason for both optimism and some pessimism.


1. Keyou Craver appears to be re-dedicated to his NFL future and from mst accounts looked pretty damm good this weekend. Very physical and consistently locked onto his man.

2. Jason Craft looks to be our best CB (so far). Maybe he read all the forums slammin him regularly. Or maybe he read ProFootballWeekly and said "Golly, they thought I was supposed to be a true Shut-Down corner?"

3. Boo Williams is catching everything within the New Orleans zip code.

4. Charles Grant appears to have accepted the challenge. I heard he finished st in EVERY D-linemen run so far.

5. Deuce McAllister isn't hurt.

6. Howard Green (down 22 lbs) and Kendrick Allen (now 1st team) want somebody's job badly.


1. Jonathan Sullivan appears to need further motivation.

2. Apparently all 3 QB's were instructed to throw at the WR's feet, and all have succeeded with lazer like accuracy.

3. Watson has already tweaked a quad. I know he's supposed to practice today but it has Cie Grant's 1st year written all over it.

4. Donte was returning punts. I don't think I like this. Possibly the end of Michael Lewis? Stallworth, Henderson, Craver, and Stecker could all step in for Lewis.

GumboBC 08-02-2004 01:35 PM

TC 1st weekend Optimism/Pessimism
It\'s nice to hear about Keyou and Craft. I was never one of the guys who thought our secondary sucked and I think Keyou could be a difference maker if he\'s got he\'s head screwed on right.

I read a quote by Sullivan where he said \"I did most of the things that were asked of me in the offseason, but not all of them.\" WTF does that mean? This guy is starting to annoy me. How \'bout we take part of signing bonus back?!

To be honest, I take the info. coming out of Saints camp with a grain of salt. There are a lot of \"head games\" that go on between the coaches and the players. Sullivan could be a \"beast\" come game day. Some of the guys who are receiveing \"glowing\" reports could be total failures.

What I like is all the COMPETETION that\'s going on. That usually brings out the best in everyone.

Chuck 08-02-2004 01:51 PM

TC 1st weekend Optimism/Pessimism
I saw Watson hurt his Hammy on Saturday but he was only out like 4 plays and I saw him back in with the first team. It didn\'t seem to hamper him to bad from my perspective.

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