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this is a discussion within the Saints Community Forum; if we offered the $$$, he would have accepted. what is your take on shawn springs or buchanan? there were so many good corners in the off-season, and we picked up a no-name. hopefully the DL was our answer on ...

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if we offered the $$$, he would have accepted. what is your take on shawn springs or buchanan? there were so many good corners in the off-season, and we picked up a no-name. hopefully the DL was our answer on defense. ambrose will be a nickel back, craft will start. champ baily is a shut down corner, along charles woodsen......
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I love the mentality of keeping the core of the team. The DL makes our linebackers much more productive. Hopefully, Watson will start at linebacker. After he gets the experience of playing 6 regular season games, he will be a great attribute.

The only question i have is our Corner back postion.
Well that\'s a well chronicled issue.

I hear Mel Mitchell will be competing with Bellamy at the safety spot. Tebucky needed to get used to our system; he showed a lot of dedication coming to camp 18 pounds lighter. Who is this Craft guy? Was he productive with the jaquars? we needed a shut down corner. Thomas is a solid CB, but the other three competing for the job are a qustion mark. We know Ambrose has the experience and talent; but he is lacking speed. I hope we dont resort to a soft zone defense. What is yall\'s take on the CB position?
As I said it has been much discussed. Ideally we could have drafted an elite corner. But there were only two
in the draft (Robinson and Hall) and they were well gone. Trading for one would break the bank both in terms of personel and of money. Also it\'s debatable if any of the ones that have been traded (Bailey in particular) could have improved the defense so much as to justify the cost. Remember that Washington got Portis out of the deal.

Everyone has been talking about McKenzie. But on all accounts the guy will be trouble. He\'ll cost a lot to acquire. He\'ll cost a lot to pay. And frankly his behavior in Green Bay (pay me, trade me, or I\'ll sit) isn\'t the kind of drama that the Saints need right now.

It\'s my opinion that there\'s no cost effective way to get a top flight corner. The last chance for that was when we passed on Trufant in 2003 to get Sully, who hasn\'t yet proved his worth.

And BTW the Bucs have gotten to (and won) the Super Bowl playing that umbrella cover two style zone. It can work with the right ingredients.
I hope our depht and speed on the DL will put some pressure on the QB. Last year, every time we blitzed with our LB they were picked up.
I don\'t see it happening as much this year. Our front four should be able to occupy 5 linemen and generate push. One of the buck positions, probably one of the Smiths, should be able to get loose.


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The way Jones and Craft are playing now, I think the secondary is going to be fine. We all know about Thomas and don\'t forget Mitchell at 100% and Craver showing up like he wants to play or is that Brown. Ambrose is steady even if he is a step slow, has the experience. Bellamy better get better or Mitchell will take his job.

I think everything will be OK and don\'t forget the McKenzie rumor came back today.
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Alright, since I\'m back, I\'ll put in my two cents here.

There is no such thing as a shut down corner - at least as is standardly understood - and I\'m willing to bet there NEVER has been.

I very much like the idea of putting corners into groups:
(1) Solid man to man
(2) Solid zone (i.e. good short range coverage but needs help often)
(3) Solid run cover
(4) 2 & 3
(5) 1 & 2
(6) 1, 2 & 3

There are very group 6 corners in the league. I think that Ambrose and Thomas are in group 4, but they are the best corners we have right now (I\'m suspending judgement on Craft until he\'s played a game). What people want us to do is get a group 5 or 6 corner. However, wisdom about the board is this: we need at least one more group 4 corner.

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