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ScottyRo 08-03-2004 11:42 AM

Bucs and the Injury Bug
I saw this article on the cbs website about Jurevicious' latest injury and it also described some other Bucs' woes. This could be an indication of an older team starting to fall apart physically or it could just be bad luck.

Either way, I'll take anything that causes our division rivals to have a harder time.

dberce1 08-03-2004 01:07 PM

Bucs and the Injury Bug
ScottyRo, that\'s terrible. You for one know you should never wish injury to any of these players. (unless they happen to belong to the Bucs, Falcons, or Panthers, lol)

ScottyRo 08-03-2004 01:38 PM

Bucs and the Injury Bug
D, I never wished it on them, but I sure don\'t mind it. ;)

WhoDat 08-03-2004 03:40 PM

Bucs and the Injury Bug
TB is starting to feel a little like the Raiders to me... they have more young talent, but a lot of older \"role\" players too.

D_it_up 08-03-2004 04:58 PM

Bucs and the Injury Bug
Talk about old? This is how the Raiders starting line-up stacks up for the up-coming season

QB- Methusela
HB- Moses
FB- George Washington
WR-Napoleon Bonaparte
Pope John Paul II

OT- Theodore Roosevelt
Christopher Columbus
OG- Adolph Hitler
Abraham Lincoln
C- Huey P. Long


DL- John the Baptist
Davey Crockett

LB- Larry

DB- John Wilkes Booth
Booker T. Washington
Elvis Presley
George Burns

Tampa isn\'t much younger than that. :P

BlackandBlue 08-03-2004 05:13 PM

Bucs and the Injury Bug

CheramieIII 08-03-2004 05:30 PM

Bucs and the Injury Bug
I don\'t wish any player to get hurt, but It\'s about time it happened to someone other than us!

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