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BigBull45 08-03-2004 04:26 PM

Saints Defense Looked Good At Monday's Practice !
I was able to get my first look at the team Monday morning.They had to have practice inside because of the rain.They went through offensive,defensive and special teams drills first.

The first thing that stood out during these drills was how much energy Defensive Line coach John Pease had.I remember watching Sam Clancy walk around twirling his whistle while the defensive line worked.Coach Pease was getting in their faces and teaching them the correct stances and moves.He ran up and down the line chastising when necessary and giving approval when things were done right.You could definitely tell that the energy was carrying over to the linemen.

The next thing I noticed was that Defensive Tackle Bryan Young is a work horse.He never stops moving.he even jogs in place while waiting for the coach to call the next alignment.He looks like he is one of those guys that will stop at nothing to achieve his objective.

Courtney Watson wasn't practicing.He stayed on the stationary bike the whole practice.Cie grant and Orlando Ruff rotated at the Middle Linebacker position.It looked to me like Jay Bellamy was the vocal one who was getting everyone set on defense.I guess Cie hasn't picked everything up yet.

Mel Mitchell screwed up on a couple of defensive drills,so Rick Venturi pulled him and put Bellamy in.Venturi wanted Mitchell to watch and learn.

during the offensive drills nothing really stood out.Joe Horn and Donte Stallworth didn't participate in drills,they only participated in the offense vs defense drill.

in the offense vs defense drill the offense seemed to move the ball fairly well,but the defense really stood out.Brooks kept throwing the ball to Michael Lewis who caught everything thrown his way including one sideline pass where he had to near lay down on the ground to catch it before sliding out of bounds on his back.Brooks attempted to hit Derrick Lewis on a curl pattern,but was picked off at the last minute by Derrick Rodgers who took the ball twenty yards for a touchdown.Joe horn caught a nice pass between three defenders,and Michael Lewis caught a 33 yard touchdown pass from Brooks.

In my opinion the defense is looking good.I guess we will see how they really look when they meet the Jets.I can't wait to see the defensive line against their offensive line. :P

GumboBC 08-03-2004 04:42 PM

Saints Defense Looked Good At Monday's Practice !
Thanks for the report BigBull. I believe Pease is going to make a difference. In the past few years the defense just didn\'t look like they had a personality so to speak. Hopefully, Pease will get these guys motivated. Thanks again for the report.

vulture 08-04-2004 02:57 AM

Saints Defense Looked Good At Monday's Practice !
I\'ve moved away from before the indoor facility was built. When practices are moved inside are fans allowed in as well? Obviously not all could go inside but are a small number allowed in? Just curious.

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