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GumboBC 08-03-2004 06:43 PM

Where's the love? Here's the love.
I'd just like to take a moment to thank all the members who posted here during the LONG offseason.

Danno. LummOx, BlackandBlue, WhoDat, saintfan, 08, JKool, Gator, SaintNik, pakowitz, D_it_up2, ScottyRo, whowatches, dberce1, subguy, BrooksMustGo, to name some. I'm sorry if I left anyone out.

While I don't always agree with you ignorant chumps, ;) you guys make the offseason a lot more bearable. I have fun talking to you guys and I appreciate the fact that all of you care enough about the Saints to keep right on talking Saints' football even though there's really nothing new to talk about. I think some of us have given new meaning to "beating a dead horse." :P

I'd also like to say I'm glad JoeSam is alive and kickin'. We were all starting to get a little worried about you big fella... Oh, I promise not to put any unnecessary strain on that heart of yours, JoeSam... But, change your avatar. You need something that looks tougher. You've got an image to uphold you know!! ;)

And finally, hello to all the new members. You'll enjoy this place. There's other Saints' boards out there, but pound for pound, this one IS the best. And ;you can take that to the bank.

Don't know why I felt compelled to write this. I just seem to like you guys a lot more since the season has finally arrived. That's subject to change on a individual basis, though.

Gotta go finish my granola so I'll have plenty of strength to hug some trees.

Peace!! ;)

BlackandBlue 08-03-2004 06:55 PM

Where's the love? Here's the love.
You need to hug that tree, real... REAL hard, lol.

CheramieIII 08-03-2004 07:03 PM

Where's the love? Here's the love.
:heartpump: I love you man!

Just kidding, thanks for the post!

GumboBC 08-03-2004 07:05 PM

Where's the love? Here's the love.

You need to hug that tree, real... REAL hard, lol.
I\'m perfectly comfortable with my manhood which allows me to get in touch with my sensetive side from time to time. Thank you very much. LMAO.... :P

CheramieIII 08-03-2004 07:16 PM

Where's the love? Here's the love.
I\'m glad football season is here, it appears you have been talking way to much to your wife in the off season. lol.

SaintNik 08-05-2004 12:00 AM

Where's the love? Here's the love.
Welcome back Billy! Missed your input the last couple weeks of July. I put out an APB on you in an earlier thread and was shocked when you didn\'t respond. Even I had no clue where you were and I can see you when you\'re sleeping, ect., ect......................
Glad you returned. You are a FIRST CLASS poster here. Go Saints in 2004!

D_it_up 08-05-2004 07:33 AM

Where's the love? Here's the love.
My thoughts exactly, Billy. Here is where it\'s at. If you want to find true Saints fans, then look no further than B-n-G. The \"beating a dead horse\" illustration was on the money and a lot of the posts during the summer should I put this?....REDUNDANT :P . All in all, they kept people talking. When the season gets full blown like a stud in a Jenna Jameson porn sequence, THEN we\'ll have something really good to talk about. Regardless of who disagrees with whom, B-n-G is like a big band of brothers. The fantasy football leagues were a huge success last year and I\'m glad that we\'re doing it again this year. If anyone is availabe during the day to hit the chatroom, by all means let me know. I\'m usually on during the morning hours because it\'s what I do to wind down after a long night\'s work. I\'d like to get some realtime input from you guys.

D_it_up 08-05-2004 07:36 AM

Where's the love? Here's the love.
P.S. Since I referred to us as a big band of brothers and we\'re Saints fans, would that make us a clergy? :P

Danno 08-05-2004 08:07 AM

Where's the love? Here's the love.
Thanks for those heartfelt words Billy I mean GumboBC,
Now snap out of it.

Whats next????
Trips to the mall on gameday?
Picnics in the park, with lemonade?
Hunting wildlife with a camera?
The Life channel movie marathon?
Drinking Coors light?
A box-set of classic show-tunes?
Synchronized swimming classses?
Buying a kicker\'s jersey? (Morten Andersen excluded)

For your punishment you must drink something with whiskey or tequilla in it and watch at least 3 Arnold Schwarzenegar movies. And not Twins either!

WhoDat 08-05-2004 09:55 AM

Where's the love? Here's the love.
Amen to thank Danno. But I\'ve always known that Billy is nothing but a big Sally. ;)

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